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What I care is sexism

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Being a woman in this world is not easy.
Since we are going over the agurments about racism once again,who ever think about the sexism around us as another big problem?Who ever take it seriously?And seriously?
Although there may some laws on sexism like the CEADW(The convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) that woman and man has the equal rights in many fields,what I see is the opposite.People think woman as inferior to man,man is powerful and woman is subjugated,man is smart, capable,burdensome while woman is talkative,brainless, feeble,and even disastrous,and what can not be accepted to me is that a large number of women are contented with being a second-class citizen in the country.How could that have happened?
It seems that man is natually superior to the other,should dominate most areas of political,economic,and social life.As we all know,there are just a few women who are still active in politics,however men dominate most of it and they may stop you from getting the upward step.For women,what they should do are teaching,writing,or why not just be a housewife?I know it from some companies,they even said no job for women!They afraid to recruit women for they do not want to get into trouble,they think woman is troublesome who always need to be taken care of,what company needs is efficiency.What a pity,they never know the qualities that women have are more powerful than men,however,women are always under the suppression by men.Even in britain,ladies first is just a lie disguise the undisguised hostility on sex which mean woman is feeble indeed.It's just show strong bias against women.
Lauguage show the sexism too,man,very similar to humanity,and woman,very similar to man.So the phrase him and her,male and female,boys and girls are the same.There is a housewife but not always a househusband,also the actor/actress,waiter/waitress,manager/manageress and etc.In china there is saying,It's a virtue if a woman hasn't talent.What a stupid saying!They are all the discrimination against women.
So,How about female VS male?Who will be the winner?
Actually they all the winner,what I want to say is the world need women just like the world need men,there are no difference,and like Sherley Chisholm said,It is women who can bring empathy,tolerance,insight and patience to the society.
So let go of the saying,the fact is that the world need women for they always have a special contribution to make!

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Reply Report voice_cd 2013-7-20 10:15
This has been recommended to the front page. Thanks for writing.
Reply Report ╰☆Almee☆╰ 2013-7-20 12:47
    I'd like to say modern women have begin to show its dispensable role in every field of society, especially in china, for instance this year ,that  the first lady appreared in the Shenzhou spacecraft has augmented and solidated our social position, what is more, our culture has also highlighted the equality of female and male, even no one can deny that the female have outweighted the male in some fields.
Reply Report Terabithiar 2013-7-20 19:25
╰☆Almee☆╰:      I'd like to say modern women have begin to show its dispensable role in every field of society, especially in china, for instance this year , ...
Yes,you are right,there must be a great improvement on sexism,however,that doesnt mean it all gone.A lot of men have a sexist attitude deep in their heart,though they do not discover.What we need is to eliminate the sexism completely.Hope the new world chould be really liberal.
Reply Report Terabithiar 2013-7-20 19:28
voice_cd: This has been recommended to the front page. Thanks for writing.
Thanks for recommend.
Reply Report younglu 2013-7-21 14:02
men and women have the different roles in the society just also, my opinion,there are no discriminations between  men and women, if exist discrimination  just in  rich and poor!
Reply Report Ted180 2013-7-24 18:44
Women are making great progress in civilized cultures. In Canada, females out-number males as university students. Abortions are freely available. Mothering-tasks reduce the time spent at paid work of course; so women's life earnings are lower and there is still a salary-gap. It is in backward (Muslim and African) societies where women truly suffer. Even this will be corrected fairly soon.

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  • I am a demon 2013-7-25 23:54

    why you hate yourself? need to love yourself.girl

  • I am a demon 2013-7-25 23:52

    why you hate yourself ? need to love yourself I think

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