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letting die or killing?

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The law for euthanasia is intent nowadays,It cannot be dodged for much longer.
Euthanasia is not strange for those doctors who keep it openly in some countries which mercy-killkng is acceped by the medical establishment.Doctors find it's a principle to make euthanasia in a right way,they practice it only in the proper time when patients want the ending of the suffering and make a will to die in peace or they are too far gone to consent,when the time coming It's doctor's duty to letting them die rather than prolong their life with all the might of medical technology which is so gruesome and cold blood.Holland is one of these countries broke the rules which formulated by Hippocrates about the oath for doctor.
However,countries have they own moral criterion,in some big countries,such as USA and Uk and Germany,in these countries,mercy-killing is forbiden,though the arguement about euthanasia is going over every year,dissenters seem that they always have their own reason,the fear of euthanasia become the fear of killing,they are afraid to face the crux which made by themselves,they think it might pose danger to society by setting the precedent for killing.nonetheless,It's depend on society,depend on the people,and individual judgement,even the personal education.The law avoid the mercy-killing,said it si illegal.But there are still many doctors keep it in secret.The contradiction cannot disappear by ignoring,one day they should have it really done.
For a country,government should give their people the peace and happiness and obey civilian willing,of course when the willing is appropriate,also,the government must has it own decision,consider about people all the time,like Germany,Its reason to condemn the euthanasia derive from the notorious history-Nazi,they may need to wait a long time to avoid the queries from the world.
How long can the distinction between letting die and killing hold out?Time for the real discussion,face it to find a proper way?Or let it go to precipitate a worse finale.We'll see.

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    why you hate yourself? need to love yourself.girl

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    why you hate yourself ? need to love yourself I think

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