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Share What I care is sexism
Terabithiar 2013-7-19 19:32
Being awoman in this world is not easy. Sincewe are goingover the agurments about racism once again,who ever think about the sexism aroundusas another big problem?Who ever take it seriously?And seriously? Although there may some laws on sexismlike the CEADW(The convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women)thatwoman and manhas the equal rights in many fields,what Iseeis the opposite.People think wom ...
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Share letting die or killing?
Terabithiar 2013-7-16 17:55
The law for euthanasia is intent nowadays,It cannot be dodged for much longer. Euthanasia is not strange for those doctors who keep it openly in some countries which mercy-killkng is acceped by the medical establishment.Doctors find it's a principleto makeeuthanasia in a right way,they practice it only in the proper time when patients want the ending of the suffering and make a will to die in peace or they are too far gone to consent,when the time coming It's doctor's duty to let ...
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