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Share I quit
Terabithiar 2013-7-18 21:02
more and more,I feel no longer belong to myself. Noonceharmony,butalwaysargument. I am the murderer all the time. Maybe I should not exsit. Orshould I enjoy the suffering? Now,all I want is to quit. please,let me quit. Tired. And no more to say...
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Share I am a demon
Terabithiar 2013-7-8 19:10
I ama demon,would die in purgatory. Let fire burning my soul. Let ghouls gnawing my skin. let monsters eating up my heart,nibble every piece of it. let it be scarlet! Let the crow poking my eyes. Let it be bloody! Let my torso sinking in deep water. Let sunshine never be there. Let my family,my friends,forget me. Let stranger hate me. I wont be sat,wont cry for I have no tear,no heart,no soul. For Iam a demon,would die in purgatory.
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