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Report Sebin50 2016-4-3 08:07
My name is sebrina i from London i have something to discause with you please contact me
Report zhenlan2016 2015-12-14 21:01
Cdogg: Huh? I don't know where you get that idea from. Yoou need to be more specific when you say western countries as there are many countries west of China ...
Report Cdogg 2015-12-14 10:03
Huh? I don't know where you get that idea from. Yoou need to be more specific when you say western countries as there are many countries west of China. In Canada, the norm is you most likely live on your own before you get married. Around the ages pf 16-20 is when the average Canadian moves away from their parents home.
Report zhenlan2016 2015-12-11 21:47
So In western countries,the couple will live with your parents after marriage? why?
Report zhenlan2016 2015-12-11 21:45
Nice to meet you .I want to ask you some questions to finish my homework,could you help me?Thanks.
Report 草裙子 2015-12-4 13:26
SOORY.  i was looking through the pages, then the page was stuck. i wanted to fix it, BUT  i just click wrongly, and it seemed that i threw an egg below your loving family picture,  soooorry      , i dont know to withdraw this tupid eggs     
Report Cdogg 2015-11-24 09:29
Damn that's bad. I guess my comment was a little off topic. I was more so talking about the advances being made in modern medicine. Not really narrowed down about the Indian companies and their lack of due diligence. I seen a dude who has parkinsons disease, which gives him uncontrolable shakes. Get brain surgery while still being awake. That's crazy!! Also their is a powder called Extra Cellular Matrix ECM for short. A man who was injured by a grenade blast has been using it on his leg. The area he applied it to is growing back muscle, nerves, and skin. The medical world has made some amazing breakthroughs in the last 5 years. Hopefully we as a whole can manufacture these products without harming others or the environment. Otherwise its not really worth it. Have a good day, and give me back my donkey eh. lol. Peace
Report Motika 2015-11-24 07:28
PATANCHERU, India — When researchers analyzed vials of treated wastewater taken from a plant where about 90 Indian drug factories dump their residues, they were shocked. Enough of a single, powerful antibiotic was being spewed into one stream each day to treat every person in a city of 90,000.

And it wasn't just ciprofloxacin being detected. The supposedly cleaned water was a floating medicine cabinet _ a soup of 21 different active pharmaceutical ingredients, used in generics for treatment of hypertension, heart disease, chronic liver ailments, depression, gonorrhea, ulcers and other ailments. Half of the drugs measured at the highest levels of pharmaceuticals ever detected in the environment, researchers say.

Those Indian factories produce drugs for much of the world, including many Americans. The result: Some of India's poor are unwittingly consuming an array of chemicals that may be harmful, and could lead to the proliferation of drug-resistant bacteria.

"If you take a bath there, then you have all the antibiotics you need for treatment," said chemist Klaus Kuemmerer at the University of Freiburg Medical Center in Germany,
Report seclusive 2014-2-19 15:40

Moved to Shenzhen 6 months ago from Vancouver B.C. Still getting use to the changes, but liking the fact of living here. I have a smart, funny and beautiful fiancee, which with whom I live with. We are expecting a new edition to the family sometime in March of next year. So ya thats a bit about me. Best of wishes to all!!!

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  • Bad manners 2016-11-13 09:08

    Yes it is sad that bad mannered people are everywhere,  glad you kept your cool and didn't join them, and glad the Dr threw them out.

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