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2016-8-18 15:47
Should have heard the words being slew at me from a middle aged(I guessing) lady and man the other day. I was at the hospital, holding my sick 7 month old baby in my arms. A man who got sick of waiting in line after minutes of being there. Pushed me from behind so that he could pass by me and then the lady follows him. I asked them, do you know how to say excuse me?(你会不会说不好意思?)Then the verbal assault began. Calling me a dog, asking my wife why she married a foreigner. Told me I need ...
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Moved to Shenzhen 6 months ago from Vancouver B.C. Still getting use to the changes, but liking the fact of living here. I have a smart, funny and beautiful fiancee, which with whom I live with. We are expecting a new edition to the family sometime in March of next year. So ya thats a bit about me. Best of wishes to all!!!

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  • Bad manners 2016-11-13 09:08

    Yes it is sad that bad mannered people are everywhere,  glad you kept your cool and didn't join them, and glad the Dr threw them out.

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