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Share 2015-03-01
2015-3-1 19:26
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Share travel in Singapore
2014-6-27 21:35
travel in Singapore
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Share travel in Singapore
2014-6-27 21:29
travel in Singapore
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Share Have you ever encountered unfair competition ?
2014-5-30 16:48
I workin a Middle school,our school has different kinds of school exams.week exam.month exam,Mid--term exams, final exams, etc.As the saying goes: scores, scores, scores, the student's lifeblood.Students compete in exams and the same competitionamongthe teachers,Students' good results can win a good reputation for a teacher. If you haver everead my blogs you should kn ...
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Share Civilization: near or far away?
2014-5-3 09:39
I went to the ZhengZhou Rose Garden yesterday.there were many many beautiful flowers and many people. Most peoplewere able to comply with the rules,They enjoyed the beautiful flowers,took beautiful photoes.itwas very good. But,As I traveled to any other places, I saw some bad phenomenon yesterday. In ...
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Share Peony on April
2014-4-14 13:33
Peony on April
Luoyang peony is the most famous in China.Thereis apoem as evidence:洛阳地脉最相宜,牡丹尤为天下奇。 The story about Emperor Wu Zetian ordered peony bloom in winter alsooccured in Luoyang. Luoyang has Peony Festival on April every year.I went there three times,itwas very nice.there were lots ofpeople and many kinds of peonies with differents colors. ...
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Share give Allen a helping
2014-4-4 14:49
I have a friend who owns an english training company.he needs an native english speaking teacher to teach oral english. he asked me if I can recommend one for him. I asked:how many students you have in one class? he said: 7 I asked: how much will you pay? he said: 1.5 hours, 300 rmb each time. &nb ...
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Share a foreigner teacher in zhengzhou
2014-3-24 21:47
My son began to learn oral english this term. His teacher is an Amercian,called Allen.I can't judge his age,maybe more than 40.Iam not sure. Allen is an englishteacher in an university .My son study oral english at Allen's home.his home is simple and crude,and it is very small too.he didn't buy too many things to decorate his home,just have some old Furnitures .Allen told me he only have 8 classes one week, so I can judge his ...
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Share plum flowerfuls
2014-2-15 20:41
plum flowerfuls
Happyholidayscomingtotheend.Tomorrow,anewsemesterisabouttobegin.As a teacher,I thanks forthe long holiday. Duringtheholidays , Ihadseveralshorttripswithmyfamily.IfoundLONGYOUplumtreesinonetrip, it is a big surprise. Ilikeplum fl ...
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Share Dissected Fish
2014-1-3 09:24
As a middle school teacher,I get contact with my students students are all teenage kids, they are pure,happy and funny.they judge the world by their childish eyes , they judge who is a good teacher by their pure hearts , and then they express their feelings through their happy actions . I think in their heart I am a good teacher, because I seldom give them homework and my class is relaxed and interesting, and also because they can get high records in the examination .so I have ...
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  • Have you ever encountered unfair competition ? 2014-5-31 19:59

    小米1972: His students know that he leaked exam questions.But I do not know how to say it to him.
    You can try my suggestion mentioned in my last comment.

  • Have you ever encountered unfair competition ? 2014-5-31 15:33

    LanaLiao: Then give him a hint, that is, tell him that you know what he's done INDIRECTLY. Here is my suggestion: tell him that some of your students had been t ...
    His students know that he leaked exam questions.But I do not know how to say it to him.

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