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Dissected Fish

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As a middle school teacher,I get contact with my students students are all teenage kids, they are pure,happy and funny.they judge the world by their childish eyes , they judge who is a good teacher by their pure hearts , and then they express their feelings through their happy actions . I think in their heart I am a good teacher, because I seldom give them homework and my class is relaxed and interesting, and also because they can get high records in the examination .so I have some “fans”, especially those girls who make no secret to deliver their love feeling to me. so, there are many touching and funny stories  around me.


Several weeks ago. My students had a biology class, the Content was dissection , what would they dissect?fish!.The biological teacher asked each student to buy a crucian which was as big as a palm.

But the Funny thing was before the dissection class, the head teachers had already shouted in the office : " who need crucian ,we would supply as much as you want, you can take them back to cook soup , "  we have more than 500 students in one grade,if Per student one fish,  we would have more than 500! a huge number!

But I did not answer, just thought “dissected fish, can we eat it”?

However,during the ten minutes between classes, a few of my students came to my office and asked me: "miss liu, do you need some  crucians,we will leave some for you! ?."

These girls are my “fans”, they always think about me whenever there are some good things, I could not refuse them,and said, " can I eat it?"

 My students said : "why not, it is fresh, we just open them up and observe them,after that, we wash them for you , you take them back home and cook soup, put some tofu in it, it can nourish your brain and  it can let you look more beautiful."

I could not help laughing but said, “ok, you wash them ,I will see.”

I went to school very late in the afternoon that day, as soon as I came into the office, several studentes ran in with a big bag and said: "miss liu, we keep these for you, please have a look?" I opened the bag, a few fishes has already been washed , cause it is dissection class, so every fish  has been cut open, but these girls  has already put  the meat together to make them look like the whole fish and make them look beautiful.I looked at the fish, they looked very fresh,but it is not what I wanted,so I politely declined the children's kindness, however when I saw their disappointment,i changed my mind."Well, thank you, tonight I'll take them back to cook soup , put some tofu, nourish my mind and make me look more beautiful" The children smiled happily, it was their harvest because I accecpted  their good simple their happiness is!

This is a little thing, but I think since then,every time when I drink fish soup , I will think of my students,I will  think of this little toughed fact I didn’t eat those fish ultimately because I forgot them in  my car, but it is a loving story, do you think so?

In our life, there are many many little touching stories like this, we should learn to enjoy it, to appreciate it.We also should have or creat this little touching stories to others.

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Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2014-1-3 14:14
indeed a beautiful and heart-warming story!  

But out of curiosity, not sure if you are slightly "guilty" of "bribery" by giving then less homework and potentially "inflated" scores. Maybe you have a good command of some secret teaching recipes that most school teachers are unaware of.  
Reply Report 小米1972 2014-1-3 17:20
thanks for your comment,Dr.Bill Shen,my "secert" is High-efficiency class!
Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2014-1-3 18:18
小米1972: thanks for your comment,Dr.Bill Shen,my "secert" is High-efficiency class!
Maybe you should write a book about it. To me, most teachers are just burdening students with heap of homework everyday. That might not be the effective way.
Reply Report 小米1972 2014-1-4 09:14 (Pending for approval)
Validation failed
Reply Report Dr.Bill.Shen 2014-1-4 12:15
小米1972: yes,you are write.Dr.Bill.Shen,in our school, many teachers give so much homework to students, i dont think it is a teacher teach chinese, i  ...
To my surprise, thought you were teaching English. I am even more impressed.
Reply Report wingless 2014-1-5 13:39
What a warm and touching story.

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