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Report Smaug 2014-2-14 17:20
JthZsdad2x: It sounds like your experience is similar to mine. You are just further down the path to marriage than I am. Was it "simple" to get the K-1  ...
Hi Sean. Re. getting her here on a visa, you should absolutely go the fiance visa path. (K-1) Anything else is viewed as dishonest by the governments. If you marry her first, then try to bring your wife in on a visa, they will make it hard on you; want lots of in-person interviews, etc. It will look to them like you married her just to bring her here, and you will have to make them comfortable that this WASN'T the case. You're not supposed to have her come as a tourist, then try to stay as a wife. She should come *visit*, (and vice versa) then apply as a fiance. You should be able to document how the whole thing went down with pictures, letters, chat records, airline ticket stubs, etc.

My first wife was Polish, and this is how we did it. It was a big long hassle. This time, we hired a lawyer, and it went much more smoothly.

If you're thinking of moving to China permanently, instead of having her come to the US, your situation might be different. I recommend hiring a lawyer. It really does smooth things out.
Report Smaug 2014-2-14 10:13
JthZsdad2x: It sounds like your experience is similar to mine. You are just further down the path to marriage than I am. Was it "simple" to get the K-1  ...
Get the form and apply for the K-1 visa for her.

If you marry her first, it will look to the governments that you married her just to try to get her a green card quicker. Just take it easy, and you'll be fine.
Report lisalove 2013-6-29 03:42
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  • Traveling with a Chinese Tour Group 2014-2-9 00:19

    I remember travelling with a Chinese group back in 1997. Me and my brother were the only foreigners on that tour. The passengers were all young couples and one couple accompanied by their parent. At the start of our trip they wondered who was the young Chinese girl accompanying us. When she told them that those two foreign looking guys were her uncle, they became curious and wanted to know more about us. My niece told them the whole story her father told her about the uncle who left his ancestors village and never returned. Suddenly we felt that we weren't foreigners anymore in their eyes and were treated very well, smiles, jokes, good food, play, scenic views etc, everything my old couldn't enjoy now his two sons were enjoying in his native country. Our father left in the mid 1920s and passed away in 1967.

  • Traveling with a Chinese Tour Group 2014-1-27 10:12

    A nice article! Your girlfriend cared you since you were a foreigner to the local people, she worried you may be ripped off for not knowing the local market price there! To communicate with people having different cultures isn't smooth, but of course it needs a try! Cherish your two love. And bless you! As a Chinese, thanks for your good feelings to China, and Chinese people.

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