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Share Would North Korea's nuclear threat China's Belt & Road Strategy?
river9363 2017-5-15 10:00
Belt Road peak conference is holding in Beijing while North Korea test its missile yesterday morning. Some expertsclaimed that DPRK want toshow itsindependent from China. Prof. ZHU Feng, the chief of South China Sea Research Center,analysed thatDPRK selectedthe moment when China launchingsuch a international conferenceto test its missile couldbe too badly.However, other experts began worrying that whether DPRK's ...
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Share Did China lose the entire game in Korea Peninsula?
river9363 2017-5-11 10:04
North Korea’s nuclear test has agitated the geopolitical balance in North Asia and the world. Due to North Korea rejected China’s proposal of abandon developing nuclear weapon, some experts considered that China has lost the game. Though the opinion sounds interesting, it is not the fact in long term. In micro strategy of North Asia and even the world, China has becoming a large power. Whether North Korea, South Korea, even USA accept China’s influe ...
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Share How should China Central Government Consider Hong Kong's Police Rally
river9363 2017-2-24 09:52
Though it is Hong Kong's affairs to deal with the police rally, Central government should not ignore its influence. According to media reports, a great amount of police officers gathered for supportingseven convicted colleagues for assault; The media said that it is the first large scale of police rally in Hong Kong. Some experts and politicians in Hong Kong showed their worries because it indicated theHong Kong's intenseamong Hong Kong police and the socie ...
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Share Should China prepare for new legitimate war in South China Sea?
river9363 2015-12-29 14:52
A few days ago, US military office made an apology to China for its military jet close to China's island in South China sea. Most Chinese consider it as a victory of China's sovereign on South China Sea, and take it for grant that US accept the current situation. However, I think that there may be a new potential crisis if China did not perceive the legitimate war over south China sea. According to The Diplomat, Zaobo and other media, the dispute of south China sea seems occu ...
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Share China’s Law-enforcement-Diplomacy
river9363 2015-12-11 17:35
China’s Law-enforcement-Diplomacy If the term “soft power” indicates state’s influence to the world, China’s law enforcement diplomacy in 2015 enhance its soft power in 2015. In 2014, China authority launched a special international law enforcement operation to arrest the escapee, and there were only a few experts perceive the impacts of both China and the world. For example, Chinese experts confirm the operation’s positive effectiveness from domestic politics. “‘Fox ...
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Share Which is the Nash Equilibrium Point of South China Sea Dispute?
river9363 2015-7-7 16:51
Which is the Nash Equilibrium Point of South China Sea Dispute? The Dispute of South China Sea has been a hot issue among the politicians of Asian- Pacific and International academy. Is there any payoff equilibrium point for the partner of the dispute? ...
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Share Should China take the responsibility for decline of African Elephant?
river9363 2015-4-17 13:50
Should China take the responsibility for decline of African Elephant? Just as Chaos theory advocates that a hurricane may be caused by a butterfly in distant flapping its wing, a hot debate about whether China should take the responsibility to the population decline of African elephant species. An article, “We don’t buy panda products, Chinese should ...
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Share Prevent the Massacre in Myanmar's Internal Conflict
river9363 2015-2-27 12:58
Prevent the massacre in Myanmar's internal conflict Myanmar conflict has continued for 3 weeks since it burst on Feb. 9. Though the conflicts is Myanmar’s internal affairs, International society should not neglect the war crime such as massacre during the conflict. And the massacre must be prevent immediately. According to news reports, there are more than one hundred civilians being slaughtered since the conflict burst. Foreign news media reported yesterday, that the ...
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Share Achilles' Heel in China's Geostrategic Project
river9363 2015-2-1 07:20
Achilles' Heel in China's Geostrategic Project As Chinese president Xi proposed China's ambitious geostrategic project "One Belt One road" (1B1R), the world was excited. But there is a Achilles' heel among the project, and which may be the fatal to the China's geopolitics. Though it only focuses on economic cooperation currently, China's geostrategic project had ...
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Share What should China deal with Myanmar’s Environmental Dispute?
river9363 2015-1-14 13:00
What should China deal with Myanmar’s Environmental Dispute? According to news report, Myanmar army has arrested more than 100 Chinese workers for illegal logging near the Chinese border a week ago. Other sources also said that the arrested by Myanmar army are Chinese who were hired legally to harvest logs. Illegal logging and illegal fishing are one part of environment crime which threats environmental security. Till today, Chinese authority kept silence to Myanmar’s ...
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