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Sri Lanka 2014-06-29
Do you know about the country Sri Lanka? And have you ever been to Sri Lanka? Ok, now I will introduce it to you, and then you will like it and long f ...
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Visiting Beijing together with my old father. 2014-05-27
My father is 80 years old this year. He has a wish to visit Beijing and has a look at Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Memory Hall ,and climb the Great ...
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Not all the old are confused! 2014-04-04
This evening, I went to the supermarket. When I came from the exit after shopping, I found an old man was sitting on the stairs at the gate. It ...
(3880) readings|(11) comments
My wishes. 2013-10-09
Ideals are beautiful things, and they let you feel life is so wonderful. When there are ideals in your heart, you will have power whatever you do  ...
(3641) readings|(2) comments
Can you give passengers a more comfortable riding? 2013-09-26
After curing my illness, I took the train K7019 from Harbin to Hegang to get back to my home at 10pm on September 19. I am still impressed with the ri ...
(4923) readings|(8) comments
Happy Mid-autumn Day! 2013-09-18
Now loud and serious whistles are ringing outside, it warns me today is a special day, 9,18. It is the beginning of the wars that Japan agg ...
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teachingchinese 2014-3-5 01:58:49
xiaocao青: hello
xiaocao青 2013-9-30 21:15:06
I wonder whether you like on-board food or not?
zakoi 2013-9-30 21:07:40
I would be happy if china railway pays little more attention on on-board food.
snowipine 2013-8-14 20:44:27
xiaocao青: Haha---, a blue T-shirt with the sign Chinadaily on, anyway, many thanks for the present. But you have wide imagination, I admire you.
Very thanks for your generosity for  sharing your pleasure!
If here have other good things worthy sharing don't forget me, please!
snowipine 2013-8-14 12:55:39
xiaocao青: Oh, I have never thought about publishing on the printed Chinadaily, because my blogs are only so so, they can't be published on paper Chinadaily, I t ...
I believe you can! if it's not now, at least in the near future here can be a surprise.

if my guess is not right, then i think it's should be a bunch of flowers or lovely tea cup. if all above mentioned is not right, then i think it must the teddy bear!
snowipine 2013-8-14 07:04:03
xiaocao青 : Thanks a lot. Can you guess what present did Chinadaily send me  as  the last batch of the winner? Guess, please. i have plenty of imagination about the gifts, and even though i haven't know it, i am beginning jealous that you have such blessing and good lucky. anyway it's your fruit of hardwork and selfless contributing. i am sharing the pleasure with you. But i still think or guess you Chinadaily should give you a journalist certificate, or will your sele ... ...
snowipine 2013-8-12 21:06:53
xiaocao青, Congratulation for your reward as one of  the Blog winners!
wangowin 2013-7-29 21:22:03
Good idea!
wangowin 2013-7-29 11:43:02
you are so know i'm just a beginner of learning english .my colleagues often laugh at my poor pronunciation.i'm very nervous to express my ideas.Obviously,you are good at english. i' learn english all by myself. When i was educated, i hated english as a teenager. how childish i was ! i need more friends from who i could learn . Would you mind pointint out my mistakes,offering advice on improving listening as well as speaking? i would appreciate it if you could.
wangowin 2013-7-27 10:47:59
after reading ,your words are clear and sincere
allfine 2013-7-25 16:57:23
A group is very good,there you can talk each other in english,english cornor is a favorite place,would you join it ever?
allfine 2013-7-25 16:51:21
It is a good habit that writing sth in english,which can record your life and improve your english.follow you!
allfine 2013-7-24 10:56:30
how the parents are ,how worry will be!
samkee 2013-7-8 11:44:32
xiaocao青: So it is. The weather here is cool because of rain now. Sometimes it is hot in summer in sunny days , but only during the daytime, early morning and l ...
Why failed,i dont know
samkee 2013-7-8 10:33:24
xiaocao青: I'm glad , too. I'm in Heilongjiang Province. Hope to keep in touch often.
HI,how was going on ? It is so hot these days,Maybe staying in Heilongjiang is comfortable ,Summer is not very hot in Northeastern China,right?
lisalove 2013-6-29 02:11:16
Good day, contact me here ( lisaebonu@ ) i came across your profile and it interests me so i decided to leave a message of friendship and also i will like to discuss something private with you to see how you can be of help about it, send me an email today and i will send you my pictures and tell you more about me please!I am waiting for your reply now!
Yours forever
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