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long time no see ,friends .after 3days ,im 20years old in china .but i looks like a child in real life.i hope i wont grow up and become older from now on.let me be a girl ever.T.T
  • snowipine: You should have added another 365 secrets in your diaries (2-9 22:55)
2014-1-27 21:54:42 Reply
My teach showed me the pics of her wedding .after that ,i wish ill have a foreign boy friend ,and that would be romantic .
  • snowipine: Waiting with patience and wisdom, let the guy sending flowers to you! (12-22 00:18)
  • im waiting the man and the moment to be creazy ,and now im patient. (1-27 21:49)
  • snowipine: Glad to be know this.  Happy new year! (1-27 21:54)
  • hellobill: I think so when i am a young boy! (4-14 23:04)
2013-12-20 12:47:28 Reply
When i am free, i will upload some picture about my sport meeting ^o^
2013-12-11 14:14:07 Reply
English class over now
2013-11-4 10:16:54 Reply
new term have already began.. busy life began
2013-8-23 09:04:03 Reply
because of the heavy homework job,get up early and go to bed late. feel so tired.
2013-8-2 10:37:21 Reply
As a chinese,My Chinese exam it reasonable?
  • snowipine: no warry about the final score! but be preparing for the bad weather ahead of us, courage will help you make a difference, do you believe it? (7-28 22:40)
  • yeah .i  do. thanks forr your comfort and encouragement (7-28 22:47)
2013-7-8 18:25:08 Reply
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