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  • long time no see ,friends .after 3days ,im 20years old in china .but i looks like a child in real life.i hope i wont grow up and become older from now on.let me be a girl ever.T.T Reply
  • My teach showed me the pics of her wedding .after that ,i wish ill have a foreign boy friend ,and that would be romantic . Reply
  • When i am free, i will upload some picture about my sport meeting ^o^ Reply
  • English class over now Reply
  • new term have already began.. busy life began Reply
  • because of the heavy homework job,get up early and go to bed late. feel so tired. Reply
  • As a chinese,My Chinese exam it reasonable? Reply
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the sport meeting 2013-12-14
.in front of the team .the dove is cute and lovely in my hand .the flag in the background .sun ,is it  like a snack ...
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ColinSpeakman 2014-8-15 01:56:17 oh yup~ i meant if u would come xiamen again ,id love to be ur guide. is tianjin on ut list?
ColinSpeakman 2014-8-15 01:56:00 oh yup~ i meant if u would come xiamen again ,id love to be ur guide. is tianjin on ut list?
snowipine 2013-10-27 21:09:05 I  think ur blogs are nice.
hi,, glad to see you !
为了这一天 2013-10-24 14:36:15
hello , i am glad to meet you in china daily .could i make friend with ?
FreakyBoyDandan 2013-8-2 02:09:05 really? wowww,thats gr eat!!!!! i  really wi sh can    see your queen.
Is not a public relationshit yet...We working on it...
FreakyBoyDandan 2013-8-1 20:20:44 Dan,how are u?Have u  found ur princess?im  so busy this we cant meet with each other often and no time to talk.  wish u can find ur princess  ...
yeah i found my Queen!
jadeware 2013-7-31 13:17:24
nice to meet you
jadeware 2013-7-31 13:17:23
nice to meet you
reza_eng2 2013-7-29 14:52:13 anyway ,sorry for my bad words.
no problem my friend
important is that as a friend we can teach a lesson to each other and be useful as a friend
and in friendship some times miss understanding will be there but we should be strong and loyal to our friendship and try to solve the miss understanding to keep the friendship strong
take care
have a good day
1584austin 2013-7-28 20:32:38
Use the PM system dear it's better
1584austin 2013-7-28 20:31:12 lol  thats great.and how about now?  really want to know more about u.
1584austin 2013-7-28 19:28:00 how  are u...guy.
Yes, last time I looked I was
FreakyBoyDandan 2013-7-25 07:39:55
I miss talking to you! When you see this, hit me up....Thanks
querist 2013-7-11 20:56:31 Excuse me,how many kinds language you can say?
A few.    Why?
TG03 2013-7-11 06:56:18 Good morning.Was you busy recently?i guess you  were.miss talking with you so much.I have to go to sleep .Good night.
You will be waking up soon so good morning, but yes i have been very busy and also miss talking with you. Hope everything is well
TG03 2013-7-7 01:18:19 Good night
You also have a good night
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