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Share Stress reaserch conducted on monkey´s
2013-7-4 23:38
watched a TV program on stress research. There, they took blood samples from a group of monkeys. And measured indicator s in the blood at various stress levels And observed the group on a whole. social interaction between the individuals in the group. It turned out that the alpha group hustles others. to show who's boss . It was concluded that alpha group rush judgment spirited with senseless violence and requ ...
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Share Past thermal spa and present luxury spa
2013-6-28 14:57
Past thermal spa and present luxury spa
Planning a vacation talking with my Chinese friends they all say come to me. It is much cheaper then to pay for a spa relaxation. Ok the price is high, but I know what I want even if it is around 15000 rmb for 3 day stay. During the discussion I remembered as a young man. How we used to drive out to the Nuclear plant to relax by the hot water outlet. I laughed and said it was the poor mans version of a luxury thermal spa. Watching over the ocean at night. While the snow was falling a ...
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Share Midsummer horror
2013-6-22 16:12
Midsummer horror
Finally the Swedish craze is over !! Midsummer holiday with a lot of food and drinking. That include dancing around the fertility pole a symbol of male genital. Dancing around it like a group of gnomes singing " Little frog little frog are funny " ??? In today´s newspaper I can read the usual about the fighting and traffic accidents including abnormal use of alcohol. After so many years reading same old news with nothing new to add to the holiday event. I have learn´t to pass by the hea ...
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Share white sugar
2013-6-20 17:30
white sugar
As I watched a documentary about sulfur mining and people who did this hard labor to feed the sugar industry. I just decided to switch to brown cane sugar. Could not drink my coffee and think that this workers died before the age of 45. All this due to they where working i sulfuric acid environment, lungs that just got burnt by the fumes. They climb up to the volcano and down into it, every day ! Just to break up the sulfur deposit, Then to carry it back to the buyer. Who sit on a s ...
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Share Comic books with impact
2013-6-19 16:20
Reading the comic strip as young could be funny if you had the right comic strip. Cynical humor with a sting. Even after 40 years I can still pick up a copy and read it and laugh. Here is some of the dialogues from TNT group. " We do not promise anything and we do fulfill it - the party of the truth " " Here lies one who is no more. " ( Epitaph on a grave) " Who lost a profit, gained a loss " " Drink more milk and l ...
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Share Lyrics from the past
2013-6-18 23:00
"There must be some kind of way out of here," Said the joker to the thief, "There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief. Businessman they drink my wine, Plowman dig my earth None will level on the line, nobody offered his word, hey" "No reason to get excited," The thief, he kindly spoke "There are many here among us Who feel that life is but a joke But you and I, we've been through that And this is not our fate So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late" All along the watcht ...
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Share Humor VS Job seeking
2013-6-16 05:22
Wine taster at a famous wine wholesaler died and the company announced an advertisement for recruitment of new tasters. To the interview comes a neglected drunk. Director of the company devised a way to say no. They gave him a glass of wine to try .. "Chardonnay, three years old, grown on the northern slope raised in the steel drum. Low quality, but acceptable. " "Exactly," said the director. "Give him another glass to the test!" "Cabernet, eight years old, southwestern slope, oak ba ...
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Share Alvedon
2013-6-5 21:30
Alvedon contains paracetamol which relieves pain and reduces fever . Once more this fantastic cure for every thing is ordered by an other doctor in the Swedish healthcare system. To explain it, Doctors are ordered in Sweden to cut down cost and stay away from anything that cost to much. That would tear down the budget plans. That are ordered by the politicians in Sweden. So Swedish healtcare is a Disneyland after closing hour. " Researcher: Alvedon should&nbs ...
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  • The obituary of my phone 2018-10-10 22:05

    Ha ha ha ! Enjoy the stress !

  • The obituary of my phone 2018-10-7 21:51

    Motika: The Nokia 8110 ! Back to basic again. Love it ! No beeping no emails no messengers Just sms and phone calls now and then ha ha ha
    Today my son has bought me a new honor-C7 which looks so cool!

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