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Share Chinese, US, Brazilian mothers-to-be take part in study
USreporters 2014-7-17 14:59
For generations it has been an accepted fact that babies born in some parts of the world are smaller those born in other places. The wide disparities in the average size of infants at birth have been written off as a matter of race or ethnicity. Until now. An expansive five-year-long study involving 60,000 expectant mothers from eight international population centers — including China, Brazil and the United State — and bank-rolled by a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant to Oxford Univer ...
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Share Chinese banks flourish in US to help their customers
USreporters 2014-7-15 10:20
Like sunflowers always chasing the sun, Chinese banks are entering the United States to meet financial needs of their customers, many of them are Chinese enterprises with ambitious globalization operations and plans. Ma Weihua, chairman of the Hong Kong-based Wing Lung Bank, which has been a subsidiary of China Merchants Bank (CMB) since 2008, announced the opening of Wing Lung's San Francisco branch on July 8. In 1984, Wing Lung set up a branch in Los Angeles. The 81-year-old bank is expe ...
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Share World Cup has a big impact on Brazilian politics
USreporters 2014-7-15 10:12
The question that has been asked for days in Brazil and almost any corner in the world finally has an answer: Germany won the champion of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is such a relief for Brazilians because people have started to celebrate not only in the stadium or FIFA Fan Fest but also in communities and on the streets. Some Brazilians are even waving the flag of Germany to express their happiness. World Cup has a big impact on Brazilian politics People who watched the semi-final on Jul ...
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Share Investor visa program sprouting US jobs nationwide
USreporters 2014-7-10 13:30
David Luan chose San Francisco as the first stop for his three-week exploratory tour of the US, which started on June 27. The Shanghai-based businessman will also visit Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Dallas in hopes of finding a project he can invest in. "Ultimately, I want to immigrate to the US through investment," said Luan, whose businesses include dietary supplement production, real estate and e-business. The investment-for-immigration program he referred to — better known ...
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Share US welcomes new citizens 'home' on its birthday
USreporters 2014-7-7 09:51
Harlem resident Ye Min'an called this past Fourth of July holiday a very special day in his life. "It's a most unforgettable day for me, now as a US citizen," said Ye, a 60-year-old Shanghai native who moved to the United States five years ago. Ye was one of 150 immigrants from 46 countries — including 11 Chinese — who attended a naturalization ceremony at the New York Public Library last week to celebrate Independence Day. With the freshly-printed naturalization certificate in hand, Ye ...
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Share Exhibit paints picture of contemporary Chinese art through 3 giants
USreporters 2014-7-4 15:01
Simon Ma, one of China's most celebrated contemporary artists, puts the finishing touches on one the works for his upcoming show at the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University in Miami. Provided to China Daily Florida International University is one China-connected school, and has been for years. It is building a Confucius Institute adjacent to its main campus on the Tamiami Trail west of Miami. But its big bridge is a cooperative venture with Tianjin University of Commerce t ...
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Share A month of remembrance brings World War II into focus
USreporters 2014-7-2 14:35
The collective wisdom of the Chinese people holds that without reflection on the past, no good will come of the future. Chinese communities in the US are busy this July. The Chinese embassy and consulates are staging wartime memorabilia exhibitions while Asian Americans — including WWII veterans and long-time advocates for preserving the history of WWII — will establish a Pacific War memorial hall in San Francisco and hold seminars. The international community must stay vigilan Japan' ...
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Share Some bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch of IPOs in US
USreporters 2014-7-2 13:59
In September 2011, Li Yonghui, founder and CEO of AutoChina International Ltd, received a notice from the Nasdaq stock market informing him that the company would be delisted that month. Li was not surprised by or "too concerned" about the result, he recalled. That notice was followed by an earlier investigation carried out by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in April. The SEC filed a civil lawsuit against AutoChina, alleging that the company and its 11 investors artificially b ...
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Share Brazil can teach China about vocational training
USreporters 2014-7-1 14:46
Qiao Jianzhen (right), one of the first Chinese to be awarded the Medal of Labor of Brazil, together with the representatives from Brazilian Ministry of Labor in Rio de Janeiro on June 11. Provided to china daily China can learn from Brazil's experience in vocational education to increase the employment rate among new graduates, said Qiao Jianzhen, the winner of Brazil's 2014 medal of labor. Qiao, the Chinese president of Confucius Institute in the Pontifical Catholic Univ ...
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Share Fireworks' 'recreational pollution' makes environmentalists fume
USreporters 2014-6-27 14:45
Fireworks come under fire regularly. And China and the US are two of the major users. An article this month in the British medical journal The Lancet points out the "great consequences for health, especially in periods with extremely high particulate matter less than PM2.5 in diameter — such as Chinese New Year". "During the Chinese New Year air pollution is more serious and widespread than usual. This is not a coincidence," writes Chao Ye of Nanjing Normal University. For all their dazzl ...
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