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Female Technician Ensures Electricity Security in Mountainous Area for 28 Years

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Female Technician Works to Ensure Electricity Security in Mountainous Area for 28 Years
Wang Yiwei at work []


A rural technician from east China's Jiangxi Province has dedicated herself to her job for nearly 30 years to prevent power cuts and ensure local households have constant access to electric lighting.    

Wang Yiwei, 50, works at a power supply station in Zixi, a town in the city of Shangrao in Jiangxi. Her work place is located at the foothill of Huanggang Mountain. 

Over the decades, she has climbed electricity poles well over 3,000 times, put up transmission lines stretching more than 100 kilometers and has worn out 10 pairs of shoes and three motor vehicles that have kept her company on her way to work. 

Wang has never received any complaint about her work and she is an equal to her male colleagues in terms of both technical skills and heavy labor. 

She always takes the initiative to climb poles to repair broken circuits and is the only female electrician in Shangrao to have developed the skill. 

Wang engrosses herself in work, even on March 8 Women's Day. One such time, in 2016, Wang and her colleagues stayed out in spite of drizzle to solve a problem in a remote mountainous village. 

She did not return home until about 10 p.m. since the village was as far as 15 kilometers away. She was so exhausted that she fell asleep on sofa with empty stomach. 

As a low voltage administrator, she is also responsible for removing obstacles such as trees and bamboo plants, which grow so fast that they would easily affect circuits around and thereby cause danger. 

While performing her task, she is often bothered by bees and other insects which sting or bite her. 

Nonetheless, none of these problems frighten her away, even if she is confronted with emergencies. 

In June 2015, on a hot summer day, she received an emergency call whilst she was having lunch at home. On learning that an electric wire had fallen to the ground, she immediately took her kit and rushed to the scene. 

On arrival, she saw there were too many pedestrians and vehicles near the danger area, and accidents might occur at every possible moment. After taking precautionary measures, she went back to her work place to fetch other necessary tools.

Thanks to her intensive work, the problem was settled within an hour. 

In June, when a village's dam was washed away by flooding from a typhoon, two poles supporting a substation slanted seriously, which risked the electricity usage of over 100 households. 

After being assigned the urgent task, Wang and her colleagues rushed to the village, where they worked for over five hours regardless of the rain. 

To better serve the local people, Wang would pay visits to them at regular intervals to help resolve their problems. 

Her notebook is full of her daily to-do lists, such as repairing a circuit, visiting an elderly person living alone, popularizing knowledge about tiered pricing and teaching left-behind children in rural areas to use electricity safely. 

By working meticulously year by year, doing her bit for bringing light to the mountainous area, Wang has earned much respect from the local people. 


Female Technician Works to Ensure Electricity Security in Mountainous Area for 28 Years
Wang Yiwei eats steamed buns with water. []

Female Technician Works to Ensure Electricity Security in Mountainous Area for 28 Years
Wang Yiwei protects wires in a mountainous area. []

Female Technician Works to Ensure Electricity Security in Mountainous Area for 28 Years
Wang Yiwei communicates with a woman. []


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Without first-hand information your description would not have been so fine! Thanks for your hard-work!
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Gender Role reversal

I am implacably opposed to gender role reversal.

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