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Musical Boss Brings Theater Classics to China

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Musical Boss Devotes Herself to Bringing Theater .ics to China
Yang Jiamin []


Yang Jiamin, founder and CEO of one of China's leading musical production companies Seven Ages, has been committed to bringing classic stage shows from overseas to her home country since 2012, in an endeavor to inspire audiences and improve artistic education in the country.

Yang, 31, was born in Quzhou City, east China's Zhejiang Province. Many of her friends and relatives went into business early on, so she has always had the idea of starting her own company since she was a child.

After she graduated from the English Department of Peking University in 2009, Yang worked in Japan for two years for the global tech firm Softbank Group. 

Yang liked watching famous stage musicals during her college life. And when she was working in Japan, she noticed the potential of the market for this sector. 

She then conducted a special study and found that musicals could bring in up to 80 percent of the revenue of some films. Two or three companies occupied about 90 percent of the market in Japan, and their operating model was to introduce productions from Europe and the United States, and adapt them for Japanese audiences.

Considering that the Chinese cultural market was in a period of upgrade in consumption and musicals were still an untapped medium, Yang had the idea of combining her hobby with entrepreneurship. 

In 2012, she returned to China to establish her own company and chose its name from a speech in the Shakespeare play As You Like It

The first project Yang chose was the Broadway musical Man of La Mancha, which was already well-known in China. She took out her savings of 300,000 yuan to fund the production.

Thanks to its high quality of production along with some of the supportive comments by celebrities, the first 20 performances, in English, turned out to be a great success. This increased Yang's confidence. 

At this time, Yang met her future partner, Cheng He, a Chinese translator. Together, they started to produce a Chinese version for their second production.

Last year, they produced a medley show called Hello, Musical, and promoted the show at over 50 universities. 

Through six years of efforts, Yang's company has made significant developments and has staged well over 1,000 performances.

Nowadays, they regularly perform musicals for 2,000 people at a time, tour to over 50 cities a year, and they are planning to build theaters in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. 

Yang's company began to make a profit this year for the first time. All these achievements make her feel happy and proud.

"Chinese audiences can watch the most outstanding musicals in the world without going abroad. We can devote ourselves to this cause for our entire life," Yang said.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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