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Female Judge Works with Extraordinary Courage, Ability

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Guo Hong (left) [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]


Guo Hong, 44, is the executive judge of Guandu District Court in Kunming, southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Guo has been working in the Guandu Court for more than 20 years and has served successively as a judge of the criminal court, the civil court and the appointed court.

As of now, she has been on the executive board for less than four years though, the amount of money she executes each year reaches more than 100 million yuan.

Guo always tries her best to handle every item of the execution payment, but at times she does feel powerless. "The law is not omnipotent. Even the courts may find it hard to resolve some of the contradictions in actual life," she said.

Among them, the most typical case is that of an "execution failure," where the person subjected to the execution has no property to execute, or his or her property simply cannot be disposed of and realized.

The applicants for the execution, however, often could not quite understand. If that happens, the executive judge would normally become the focus point and bear the huge risk and pressure.

In her days as an executive judge, Guo was reviled, threatened and even mobbed several times, but in the eyes of her colleagues, she was powerful and always able to hold everything together.

"In fact, it is the power of justice and the spirit of the law itself," Guo said.

She is now the deputy director of the executive board of Guandu Court. And but for the way she is, she wouldn't have been able to lead her male subordinates to win a series of tough executive battles.

On the one hand, the enforcement challenge puts higher demands on the executive judges; on the other hand, due to the impact of the environment, private lending and other cases frequently occur, leading to a substantial increase in the number of cases, which in turn puts more pressure on executive judges.

As of early September, a district court like Guandu Court had received more than 7,000 enforcement cases, equivalent to that of last year's total.

By September 25, Guo's team had received 691 new cases and completed 674 of them, totaling 116 million yuan.

"Every year, the amount of money I have implemented has exceeded 100 million yuan. Last year, it was 130 million yuan," Guo noted.

For so many times, Guo has shown not only her brave, strong and tough side, but also her unique female tenderness.

There was a case in October last year that impressed Guo.

A twelfth-grade school girl was left living alone since her biological mother was missing and her father and stepmother were holing up to avoid a series of debt disputes.

"Her father, an executioner, had several houses, some of which had been seized by the courts. The girl needed to move out," Guo explained.

The girl reminded Guo of her daughter who was studying in a boarding school since Guo was too busy to take care of her.

However, the law was inflexible and she could only handle the case with the utmost female tenderness. She even left all her money to the girl.

In September, when the new semester began, Guo called the girl and learned that she was admitted to a university in Yunnan and her father had returned home, which was a huge relief to her.

(Source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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