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Female Honor Guard Member Shares Her Experiences in Army

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Zhao Ying receives training. []


Zhao Ying, a member of Female Honor Guard of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), recently shared her insightful experiences as a woman pursuing a high-level career in the army.

In 2014, when Zhao, who served in the logistic department of Beijing Military Command, was training recruits in Beijing, she got news that, for the first time, the Guard of Honor of the PLA planned to recruit female soldiers in its ranks.

After learning about the opportunity, Zhao registered excitedly. She was keen to establish a family tradition since her father, who joined the army in 1973, was a member of the honor guard.

Since childhood, Zhao has been longing to join the elite forces. As it was the first time that the honor guard had recruited female soldiers, they had to comply with strict standards accordingly.

A qualified soldier's height must be at least 1.73 meters, and there were corresponding requirements on academic background and body-coordination ability.

After a series of strict assessments, Zhao was admitted and began her new journey with 25 other soldiers.

The new goal meant a new start. All the preparatory work for every task had to be learned from scratch.

To uphold military prestige, the actions of the honor guard had to be orderly without any sloppiness.

"When I joined the team, we were divided into three classes. Only outstanding individuals could advance onto the training course for the next stage," Zhao recalled.

As the eldest female soldier in the first batch, Zhao had to work harder than others.

In addition to the daily eight-hour routine training, Zhao made up an extra hour in the night, wearing high-heeled riding shoes and carrying a steel gun that weighs around four kilos.

However, during the first joint training, she could not finish her actions correctly holding the gun, as her wrist was not strong enough. For all the practice, she was replaced.

"In order to catch up with others, I even held two iron stools to strengthen my arms. A week later, my impeccable movements enabled me to regain my place in the formation," she added.

Now, Zhao has participated in 40 different missions. She still treats every one prudently, as she knows the honor guard represents China's image and military prestige.

With the help of Zhao, some female recruits have already mastered the basic skills and did well in their preparatory work.

"Training is hard and boring, but it is indispensable. When we perform tasks, we must make sure to finish them without any fault. Carefully, we treat every challenge as if it is the first time," Zhao added.


Female members of the honor guard receive training. []


(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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Glory comes from hard-work!

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