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Weather Spotter Devoted to Island Meteorological Station for 21 Years

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Weather Spotter Devoted to Island Meteorological Station for 21 Years
Shen Qiyan


A female weather spotter has recorded 20,000 items of climate data at Yangshan Port Meteorological Station in east China's Shanghai in the past 21 years and made contributions to shipping safety and the safety of Yangshan Port.

Shen Qiyan, 41, who was a native of the Yangshan Island, is the Director of Yangshan Port Meteorological Station of Shanghai Ocean Meteorological Observatory.

In order to support the construction of Yangshan Deepwater Port, the Yangshan Port Meteorological Station was built on high ground close to Shen's home.

As Shen was interested in the work of the station, the senior weathermen all liked to teach her, and Shen was soon recruited to work at the station.

In 2000, Shen married Fei Yanjun, a fisherman, and they had a daughter together. Two years later, they moved to Nanhui in 2002, 40 kilometers away from the station.

It took Shen half a day to get to the station. It was dangerous, particularly in severe weather.

The Yangshan Port Meteorological Station is 80 meters above sea level but was not easily accessible as there was no path up.

A lot of meteorological equipment was not previously automated, and data recording and reporting were all labor-consuming. Workers had to inspect various instruments every day and maintain them regularly to ensure their standardization and the accuracy of recording.

Shen said that the harshest challenge was the loneliness and hard life conditions. Due to inconvenient transportation, she and her colleagues took turns to be on duty at the station. They had to stay on the island for ten days at a time, or up to a month if necessary.

Her husband joined the station in 2010 and was responsible for the maintenance of the marine meteorological equipment.

Yangshan Port is now the world's number one container handling port. The former crude meteorological station has developed into a comprehensive marine meteorological observation service base.

Huang Ningli, director of the Shanghai Central Marine Meteorological Observatory, explained that a large amount of meteorological data from the station has made great contributions to Yangshan Port's construction and safe production.

Shen has witnessed the development of Yangshan Port as well as the island's weather changes throughout the past years.

(Source: Women Voice/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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I enjoy reading the report since I am ‘sea’!  Hahaha.......

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