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Overseas Student Records Special Memories of Life Abroad

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Overseas Student Records Special Memories of Life Abroad
Wei Qiwen []

A Chinese student who graduated from the University of Wales Trinity St David in the UK, recently released a series of videos with the help of her classmates to show what life is like studying abroad.

"Before shooting the videos, I asked many overseas students about their experiences, and many of them commonly referred to the word 'growth'," said Wei Qiwen.

In September last year, she had the idea to make a video about this theme, and worked in cooperation with Luo Yujun, who had experience in writing lyrics, along with her other friend and photo enthusiast Zhang Kaiwen.

To choose the scenes, Wei asked overseas students about their most unforgettable moments, such as staying up late to write papers, making dumplings to celebrate Chinese New Year, and teaching at the Confucius Institute.

In early spring, with the cold wind blowing, Wei started shooting Chinese New Year scenes with the actors wearing traditional Han costumes.

"Then, there was a sudden heavy snowfall and I rushed to the yard with my face contorted because of the cold," Wei recalled.

"In Swansea, where it rains year round, we needed to shoot when there was sunlight," she added. "We didn't have reflectors, so we could only rely on natural lighting."

During shooting, they occasionally took bus, and when climbing mountains, they would take taxis. However, for most of the time, they'd rather go around on foot. After shooting one scene, they had to change clothes in a nearby bathroom.

Though the process of filming was laborious, they also achieved something unexpected. When shooting in the Swansea Market, a fishmonger, seeing that they were holding cameras, strode up to them, which appears in the final cut.

"It is an interesting part, though not a component of our script," Wei said.

Their initial intention was to provide emotional support for people with similar study experience abroad, while at the same time help those who do not have similar experiences understand overseas life.


Overseas Student Records Special Memories of Life Abroad
Wei attends a class. []

Overseas Student Records Special Memories of Life Abroad
Wei makes a video with her friends at the Confucius Institute. []


(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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