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'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China

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'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China
After dinner, Chen Miao (right) and her sister Chen Niu enjoy the night view of Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province, from their parents' car. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]


The two young daughters of a migrant couple who work in Nanchang City, east China's Jiangxi Province, went on a rare trip to see their parents recently, to spend their summer vacation away from their hometown.

Chen Miao and Chen Niu are both so-called "left-behind" children because for most of the year they are unaccompanied by their mother and father and have to go to a school by themselves near the local city of Fengcheng, Jiangxi.

The sisters are happy to see their parents, and spend the time taking on some chores themselves and even working with their parents to help them out.

Their parents Chen Fujun, 36, and Qiu Yanghua, 32, currently rent an apartment in local Tangshan Town in Nanchang.

"Apart from the Spring Festival, there are only two short months for our family's reunite. Only the summer vacation in a year makes us feel at ease," Chen Fujun said.

In order to give their children a happy summer holiday, the couple use their small income to prepare fruits for the girls every day, and to show them around the city in the evening in an old car normally used for delivering goods.

In recent years, the separation of migrant workers and their children has gained increasing attention from officials and society.

The education department of Qingshanhu District in Nanchang has issued a special document to simplify the enrollment procedures for children of migrant workers, so that they can enter schools nearby and solve some of the parents' worries.

Chen Fujun has already decided to transfer their children to attend a school in Nanchang next year.


'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China
The family sit down on the street, eating ice cream to relieve the summer heat. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]
'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China
In the house where Chen Fujun and his wife are responsible for the renovation, Chen Miao rests in her father's arms after lunch. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]
'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China
Chen Miao (left) and Chen Niu play in their parents' car, waiting for them to return. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]
'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China
In front of their rented house, Qiu Yanghua (right) feeds Chen Niu watermelon. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]
'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China
The whole family have dinner in the rented house. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]
'Left-behind' Sisters Reunite with Parents in E China
On the wall of Chen's front door is a chalk drawing of his daughter. [Xinhua Daily Telegraph]


(Source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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