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Top Singer Guan Muchun Spreads Love with Singing

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National Singer Guan Muchun Spreads Love with Singing
Guan Mucun [Xinhua]


National first-class mezzo-soprano Guan Mucun has been relentlessly pursuing her dream of singing and been committed to conveying love and support with her performances for people across the country.

Guan Mucun, born in the city of Xinxiang in central China's Henan Province in 1953, is currently the vice-president and a member of the Chinese Musicians' Association. She went to Tianjin, north China, at the age of five and has never left the city since then.

Guan's mother was the one who discovered her potential in music. When she was in the second grade of elementary school, she participated in the Tianjin Xiaohonghua Choir, singing contralto. Her mother would make notes for each and every song she sung and practiced with her to boost her confidence when singing in public.

Guan stated that she grew up with a lot of love and encouragement. Her mother inspired her to practice on any occasion and any stage. Sometimes she was taken to visit the home of her mother's close friend, where she was often encouraged to perform in front of all her family members. She was also encouraged to perform in public places such as on the train.

At the age of ten, the family was devastated by the sudden death of Guan's mother. In order to make a living, her father went out to find work and her brother was assigned to work in the countryside, leaving behind Guan and her younger brother who started to live a tough life. Despite of the hard time she had, Guan never thought of giving up singing.

In 1970, Guan applied to a music academy, but was rejected due to reasons related to family background. Later she was assigned to the Tianjin Steel Factory and became a lathe operator. Although she still looked forward to performing on the stage, she had learnt to be down to the earth and hard at work in the factory.

As time went by, she gradually became more familiar with her colleagues, who  started to notice her talent for music, as a result, she was often invited to sing at conferences held in the factory, even though they had no special costume for performance, nor any professional equipment at the time.

Looking back on the seven years she had spent at the factory, Guan said that those were extraordinary years for her, during which she had accumulated down-to-the-earth working experience in the factory. It was in those years that Guan learned about what kind of person she should be and what she should cherish. She wouldn't be the way she is today, without those seven years' experience.

During a performance in the factory, Guan was noticed and introduced to the famous composer Shi Guangnan, who had composed the famous song Hits Hand Drum To Sing a Song. After singing a song in front of Shi, he stood up with great excitement and spoke favorably of her talent.

Later, Guan left the factory and was transferred to the Tianjin Song and Dance Theater to become a soloist. In 1979, Guan started to draw the public's attention with her first song If You Want to Know Me, which was composed by Shi, and gradually became famous by performing songs such as Turfan's Grape Is Ripe and The Fernleaf Hedge Bamboo under the Moonlight, as well as the music for the feature film Bright Moon Rises above the Sea.

As her reputation grew, Guan started to feel the limitations of her techniques since she had not received any professional training or instructions before. Thus, she decided to study at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing in 1984.

About this decision, Shi expressed his concerns that professional training may confine Guan's natural style of singings and make her sing like all the other Bel Canto singers or opera singers, which turned out to be prophetic. Guan did lose her natural singing style and was not well received by the audience after her returned.

Later, after a period of repeated adjustments, Guan finally rediscovered her own singing style by applying the singing method of Bel Canto on the basis of folk style singing, to create a special performing style that suited both refined and popular tastes.

Guan recalled her singing experiences from the inland to the frontiers, from the city to the countryside, from the plateau to the desert, and from orphanages to the nursing homes. She felt a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction which she had never felt before.

During her performances in the past few decades, Guan has been singing and communicating with her audience, who are mostly common people. And they have been encouraging each other with songs and love.

"Singers are not only performers, they give spiritual support and comfort to the audience. I'm proud that I am able to do this. This is a responsibility for a singer, and something to be truly grateful for," said Guan.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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Reply Report SEARU 2018-8-10 22:11
This is a good article that has depth in thinking!
I always believe that artist could not move audience without his or her deep thought and true feeling!  This rule is also fit for us bloggers!

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