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Demand for High-quality Services Spurs Growth of Maternal, Infant Market

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Thanks to a rising demand from young Chinese parents for a high-quality lifestyle, the maternal and infant goods market will maintain a strong momentum of growth over the next decade, with the integration of online and offline channels becoming an increasing trend.

The remarks were made by market insiders at the 2018 Global Maternal and Infant Conference held in east China's Shanghai on July 22-24.

Qu Feng, president of Wyeth Nutrition Greater China, said that the sales volume of high-end products, infant formula and special milk formula in the maternal and infant goods market has experienced a continual and noticeable growth in both urban and rural areas over the past few years.

Qu continued that the boundary between online and offline business has become increasingly indistinct as more e-commerce enterprises have their own offline sales channels through the merger and acquisition of brick-and-mortar stores.

A Du, general-manager of Alibaba's Tmall Maternal and Baby Supplies, agreed with Qu on the emergence and development of new retail. He noted that the cooperation with Wyeth Nutrition's brick-and-mortar stores in last year's November 11 shopping spree proved to be a great success in the sale of relevant commodities.

Meanwhile, many young parents have attached great importance to online early education and internet-based childbearing knowledge in a bid to bring up their children in a healthy and scientific way.

Statistics show that nearly 17 percent of parents are now willing to pay for maternal and infant knowledge online. Industry insiders explained that the percentage will see a continual year-on-year growth in the future.

Therefore, along with many professional online platforms, Internet giants such as Baidu and Tencent have made intensified efforts to come up with their own well-designed programs in the forms of video clips, animated pictures and audio in a move to meet the demand from highly educated parents for high-end services and convert them into potential consumers.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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