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Passengers Push Subway Train to Save Trapped Woman in S China

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Passengers trying to save the elderly woman [Shanghai Daily]


A group of passengers at a Metro station in the south China city of Guangzhou joined forces to push a subway train to save an elderly woman whose leg became stuck between the carriage and the platform.

The incident happened at 2:54pm on May 6 in Ouzhuang Station on Metro Line 6.

The 72-year-old woman's right leg was caught in the gap while getting off the train.

Many passengers immediately rushed to help, with some commuters teaming up to push the carriage away from the platform while others got off to reduce the weight inside. Subway staff also joined in the effort and even poured lubricant onto her leg to help rescue her.

The woman was finally freed after five minutes with only slight scratches on her right knee.

Chinese netizens were greatly touched after watching the video online. One commented: "Good job! Life is full of positive energy."

(Source: Shanghai Daily)

A group of passengers at a Metro station in the south China city of Guangzhou joined forces to push a subway train to save an elderly woman whose leg became stuck between the carriage and the platform ...

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Reply Report seneca 2017-5-17 10:28
Will the Chinese travelling public learn to act more like humans? Here is how: don't rush in through an ope carriage door while passengers are alighting. stand still, wait until no one is stepping towards the platform.

Nowhere else in the world do people act so mindlessly as in China entering cars when people have not stopped getting out. This leads to accidents as described in the blog.
Reply Report thundercats 2017-6-15 04:08
looks so dangerous. good thing the train hasn't started again. lucky her.

thanks for the positive story.
Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-6-28 01:19
If my memory serves me well, the similar incident occurred somewhere in West Europe, and people also pushed in unison to tilt the train to rescue the person trapped. Thumbs-up to those Samaritans.
Things like this won't happen in seneca's country, which can barely afford to build any subway. And his country folks don't push and shove, they just rape, and that's why his homeland is dubbed the World Capital of Rape.
And you never expect a delirious bummer to make any clear-minded observation.
Reply Report SEARU 2017-8-24 09:40
This accident warns that the station authority should pay much attention to safety since the traffic is very crowded with passengers getting on and off in a hurry. I wish similar thing would not happen again!

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