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Senior Fellow of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China.

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    • China-UK economic relations and RMB internationalisation 2016-1-9 17:47

      I am interested in your talking.

    • New data shows China's economy growth 2014-8-15 06:07

      Viewing GDP as a measure of ability to pay debt is interesting in those countries that have government and private debts exceeding their ability to pay. When asked in 2010 why those countries go into debt, they said, ’To make it happen faster,’ I asked what IT they meant and none would say, so I gradually surmised they meant their goals of building their technologies their way. Now those countries, including US, Canada, EU, UK, Argentina and Sudan, are seeing the high opportunity cost of investing tomorrow's money in archaic technologies. All they bought faster by spending tomorrow yesterday is they bought yesteryear for themselves and now lack the ability to catch up with today. Those that believe in the False Dichotomy of China vs US, as though Earth were as flat as those two dimensional charts economists love, and as though infinite growth were possible, voluntarily prime themselves for slavery’s debates. The automatic skepticism of some Chinese people is merely Appeal to Ignorance in reverse, which is  technique economists use to make slaves, so, those arguing against learning fallacy rejection from me have been volunteering to learn how to be enslaved such asby meekly acquiescing to TOEFL questions. Of the US and China, the stronger position prior to re-establishment of western bank regulation and re-establishment of the gold standard in America, China is stronger by holding the debt. However, no economists who sees only flat surfaces can know the value of meeting the people and talking with the people, which is how we can learn of the civil war by which we are segregating the populations according to whether the individuals spend yesterday tomorrow, spend tomorrow yesterday, or are still asking how to add value while asking us to believe they don’t know how.

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