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Share Love & hatred,which will win?
2014-3-27 03:14
On Mar. 8, 2014, My best friend was getting married. I gave best wishes for her and waited to see her and her husband at our hometown. I know, the newly-weddefinitely love each other deeply. On the Morning of that day,when I was at home, busy with housework, I heard my husband say," There is a big accident. The plane from Malaysia is lost." Lost?What on earth happened? Some of my frien ...
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Share Where will the English major go ?
2013-6-19 22:24
English majorused to gaingreat popularity among the high school gradudates. Some chose the English major because they really love it ;some don't like learning English, but they are told college graduates of English major have more access to well-paid jobs and promising career.No matter how Romantic, or practical, their motivations are, they have graduated from college and found a position in the society. They areconsidered lucky ...
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Share Culture Shocks in Cross-cultural Communications
2013-5-16 20:38
Be your own friend or know yourself, as put by an ancient philosopher. However, searching our own heart is not always a bright way to know ourselves since lack of communication with others will make us self-indulgent and even lost in finding and pursuit of our own goals.So, communication is necessary and essential. As an English major, I had some inter-cultural contact with some foreigners in college ,which ...
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Share Labor, youth, maturity and maternity
2013-5-12 20:16
May is a versatile month in 2013 in China, which commences from the International Laborers' Day (May 1st day ), going through the transition from spring to the summer, celebrating theyouths' Day, the mother's day ,memorizing the disasterof the earthquake,2008, preparing for the dargon boating day in the next month. Then,individually, four words are given to label this month --la ...
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Share Is China a money-oriented society?
2013-4-24 21:32
I'd like to count how many times money has come to my mind, out of my mouth, today. First, when I cook for lunch, the price of garlic sprout presents in my mind, 11yuan per kg. I compared it to the price of eggplant, 7yuan per kg and got anideaabout a good bargain. Afternoon, I went to the bank to withdraw some cash to fatten my thin wallet, and I kne ...
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Share About C/O-- Notes as a student teacher
2013-4-21 19:19
The day after tomorrow , we will come to the certificate of origin (C/O) and GSP certificate of origin. The former is required by the importer(buyer) for tariff levy, while the latter is used for non mutual beneficial tariff preference. As to GSP certificate of origin, there have been 39 countries, which haveoffered China's export GSP treatment.Of course, it is of limited use, which is confined to the raw produc ...
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Share What happened to golds?
2013-4-17 22:14
Tonight, when I was street haunting with a female friend, a strange thing happened around us. In the Department Store, dozens of customers came to the jewellry counter. Wow, they were buying the gold ornaments. What happened to golds? We wondered and wandered near the counter and saw the price of pure gold. Another wow sounded in my mind. The price has been back to 5 years ago? WouldI t ...
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Share The Movie :Outsourced
2013-4-16 22:30
Today, I watched the movie Outsourced with the business English class. The movieoffers me not only the deep impression of vivid India, but also some insight into theoutsource and global division of work. I like this movie, for its objective and well-meaning portrait of India. However, the failing point lies in the abrupt loveship between Tod and Ashir. In my opinion,there are still big gaps between Oriental culture and Western one. ...
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A singer who does not aspire to be a writer is not a good teacher.

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  • Love & hatred,which will win? 2014-4-5 16:58

    fluteyi: thank u! All I want is to share my true ideas and thoughts with friends as well as myself. Sometimes, writting helps us think more deeply.
    It does. And sometimes it brings on a joke! Anyway the pen should be mightier than the sword. Then I thought, but it is hard to fight someone with a humble pen - unless I squirt some ink in his eye. But nowadays we are writing with computers. Hit someone over the head with a 15 inch laptop should do it!

  • Love & hatred,which will win? 2014-4-5 16:54

    fluteyi: Thank you. highlight here means ?(Chinese )
    Highlight means draw attention to.  

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