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Where will the English major go ?

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     English major used to gain great popularity among the high school gradudates.  Some chose the English major because they really love it ;some don't like learning English, but they are told college graduates of English major have more access to well-paid jobs and promising career.No matter how  Romantic, or practical, their motivations are, they have graduated from college and  found a position in the society. They are considered  lucky ones.
      Maybe I am one of these "lucky" ones who graduated just before the sluggish demand on English majors , in contrast to the increasing supply from colleges. But how far  this "luckiness " can go ? And where will the Englishmajor go?
       This year, English major has been one of the four alarming majors which are threatened by  the poor employment ratio, accroding to the official statistics.  Then, will many students still choose this major for their college study? Maybe, no!  Does that mean Enlgish is not important any more? Of course, not. We still see English words and expressions around us; we can hear people of different colors speaking English from TV, by the street, on the Internet. Still,English is everywhere. But English majors have been found more weakness than strength, since they are only good at English to a  limited degree.
       Even several years after graduation, I feel I am not a profeesional one and Terribly it is true. English is just like my good friend, whom I like to talk with, share with, but not my only lover, for we have not walked into each other's soul. I fail to appreciate English as I enjoy Chinese, or as the native speakers or bilinguals do. After some reflection, I want to make a change and study international  trades  and translation during spare time. Hence, I propose some reform on English major for undergrauate students:
         First, make study begin with everyday english and construct comprehensive frame of English language for the freshman;
        Second, choose one or two pratical fields for indept study, such as law, trades, economy, finance, science, rtc., in combination with English learning.
         Third, literarure or lingusitics are just for postgraduate studies.
          Life is short , but art is long. English language has developed vivaciously in the globalization. Then where will the English maor go?

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Reply Report dillon6 2013-6-24 09:03
I  agree with you! English is only a tool ,but so many unniversity make it as a major ,the students  in english major don't kown what advantage they have.
Reply Report MichaelM 2013-6-26 10:43
Everyday English and oral English need to be the focus. There is no use for language learning if it cannot be spoken and used. Too many Chinese know a lot 'about' English yet cannot speak it. The need is huge for oral English training. According to a recent article here on CD, there are 100,000 openings for native English speaking teachers in China and only 30,000 foreign teachers to fill those openings. Many of those that are here are not qualified or are not truly dedicated to teaching English. Many are here 'just for a job.' They really aren't here for the money. The pay remains low for foreign teachers compared to what they can earn in the west.  Many schools (private, public and training schools) have foreign teachers on their staff only to appease the student's parents. There is no little sincere focus on English training, teaching and learning in these schools.
Reply Report tradervic 2013-6-27 06:31
Have to remember, the ability to communicate in English is just that: communication.  While it can be a job for those that can speak English and Chinese fluently as translators - it is merely a secondary tool for those that other skills to earn a living.  一定要记住,用英语进行交流的能力就是:沟通。虽然它可以是一个能说流利的英文和中文翻译的工作 - 它仅仅是一个次要的其他技能谋生的工具。
Reply Report Jimmy19 2013-6-27 11:23
I am foreigner Student here ,,, i feel here Chinese student , they want  learn n speak English but  no enough teacher for them ,,,  now in  world English is international communication language ,,, i think if chinese Governmont  focus on Chinese they get many benefits ,,,, i visit some chinese  city but  i feel so difficulties  to communicate with people   :(
Reply Report fluteyi 2013-7-4 14:21
Jimmy19: I am foreigner Student here ,,, i feel here Chinese student , they want  learn n speak English but  no enough teacher for them ,,,  now in  world Engl ...
" i think if chinese Governmont  focus on Chinese they get many benefits ,,,, " Yes, I agree with you on this point. And I guess your mother tongue is not English.

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    fluteyi: thank u! All I want is to share my true ideas and thoughts with friends as well as myself. Sometimes, writting helps us think more deeply.
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    fluteyi: Thank you. highlight here means ?(Chinese )
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