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Russia, China veto draft UN resolution on Syrian civil war[1]- China Daily News 4 450 almuddaththir 2014-5-24 07:39:40
  What a pity! To turn the back on pain is to ignore humanity.
Smoking scenes still cloud screens China Daily News 2 408 almuddaththir 2014-5-21 09:08:58
  If only the world would follow China's magnificent example in attempting to rid the earth of tobacco ...
China publishes latest data of US cyber attack China Daily News 6 530 WOW! 2014-5-20 18:09:21
  Who are we to believe? The Chinese or the Yanks? Where is the proof? Show us the proof!
CHina Oil Rig has to stay; if it leave due to pressure then its a disgrace. ... 1 2 3 4 5 6 China & World 38 8752 jay_dee 2014-5-16 12:49:39
  Burning bridges prevents return. Burning factories does the same. It can only hurt Vietnamese worker ...
US secretary of state to visit BJ on Saturday China Daily News 1 1732 almuddaththir 2013-4-13 04:59:28
  I have noticed the reliance on the phrase...'kick off' as a substitute for start or begin. It is chi ...
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