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Share New start with my baby Harry in 2017
2017-7-2 18:38
Beginning from 2016, i was getting busier and busier, with my new house decorated, a lot happened. Back on 23th October, my son was born. and on 9th November, something very terrible happened to my sister,and changed her and all of our family members' life. We all had and are having a very hard and dark time. Anyway my son, named Harry by one of my most respected friend in UK whom i call grandpa, brought us a lot of joy and happiness.With my lovely baby Harry, times goes quite fas ...
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Share work and life, busy 2016
2016-2-19 09:27
I haven't been here to share anything with our blog friends for a long time, having been busy with my wedding,and house decoration, it took me a lot of time and cost a lot . Anyway, i still haven't lost interest in writing and reading bolgs. Recently, i have been given a lot of work load, except for a lot of work that i have been doing, my boss asked me to do more export business, i have to develop overseas market. Work pressure made me busier, i got less time to do what i like to do, but spend ...
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2014-5-22 12:22
It has been about fifty days since my boyfriend’s 47-year old mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and according to the doctor, she might leave us anytime within one year. When I heard this, I feel like someone just throw a bomb to us, and we were destroyed by this truth. I always hope that there will be miracles for her, but every sad news from the hospital makes us feel desperate and hopeless. Life has been hard for us for a long time, especially for our parents. However, we always ...
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Share Autumn- time to repay my beloved ones
2013-9-9 23:03
Autumn- time to repay my beloved ones
I have been thinking about writing something down for almost one month, but i didn't do it until this evening, not only because i have been very busy with my work, but also because during this period, i can't control my mood and keep calm. When it comes Autumn, most people around me feel very happy and celebrate the ending of the torment caused by the high temperature in the Summer. However, my feeling for this so-called cool season is totally different,because i often feel upset and depressed ...
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Share I will be different someday in the near future
2013-7-12 10:30
I will be different someday in the near future
Last night i chatted with a foreigner friend while i was watching a Chinese newly released movie"Tiny Time". I hoped that the movie could touch and encourage me with its "positive energy", but i was't moved by the movied at all. On the contrary, Chatting with the foreigner friend made me think a lot about myself. I am now experiencing a period of changing and adjusting myself. Once when i was a little girl, i didn't think too much about myself, because i spent all my time st ...
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Share Getting my dream back
2013-5-27 10:18
I can't remember exactly when i began to lose my dream and the courage to dream for bright and beautiful things. And i guess it must be the time that fear to the so called reality started to take the space over 50% in my heart, which broke the balance in pursuing a peaceful but positive and active lifestyle. Meanwhile, i began to lose confidence and always feel timid to be myself and express myself. Sometimes, i eventhought itwas a misery to live even though it is wrong and dangerou ...
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  • Getting my dream back 2016-3-22 22:59


  • Getting my dream back 2016-2-19 16:45 Dear hanhan, thanks a lot for your nice words, i found myself being busy earning a life in the past 2 years, sometimes i felt that i i ccould not catc ...
    Thanks for you wishes, dear.I thought a lot after reading your words, life is indeed not easy, so cherish what you possess now and be content and happy. Wish you lead a simple but enjoyable life too.

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