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Report Perfumecity 2017-3-1 13:58
Yes, Ouch...! I still remember how badly it hurt on the 1st nite after I'd the operation. Honestly, it takes time 2 heal, much better now as I can walk slowly.           

CD. Sigh...!     

Hope u r well, Corey.     
Report Cdogg 2017-2-28 17:50
Ouch sorry to hear about your foot. hope it heals well. Yeah the new CD format is not so appealing and has a few quirks to it.
Any how, good to hear from you. Keep your head up eh!!
Report Perfumecity 2017-2-28 12:49
Corey, I've just been back 2 work after having an operation of my right fut. I stayed at home for 2 months. Tk u 4 yr gud wishes of 2017 though it seems 2 have been a bit hard 4 me. Spring greetings 2 u! We'd stay outside as more as we can due 2 blooming flowers.           

Stil I don't know what's wrong with CD PM platform. The forum luks strange as well now & there's no support 2 select.     
Report Cdogg 2017-2-17 17:22
I see it works to contact you here though.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope all is well with you
Report Cdogg 2017-2-17 17:22
The other side blocks your sms. That is what shows up when I try to message you.  
Report parcher 2015-11-6 17:11
Ok not to bad then. Maybe I will try the chicken salad next time!!
A lot of people have said it used to be better a few years ago, but its still worth a visit every now and then..
pizza always tastes better the next
Report Perfumecity 2015-11-6 14:36
Was there sth wrong with my PM platform? Why did u all post here?      
Report Perfumecity 2015-11-6 14:32

I went there 4 dinner on Oct 1. I love the chicken salad. The ingredients 4 tuna pizza & spaghetti were great though actually the pizza didn't luk quite gud (sort of burnt on the edges) & the spaghetti wasn’t 2 cooked 4 me. The portions were generous so I packed the remains, the pizza especially the spaghetti were tastier after being heated in microwave oven the next day.      

Few diners were in there that evening. I told the waitress that a Brit boy had recommended their restaurant 2 me, mayb they know u, mayb not.      

A foreign girl came in while I was leaving. I didn’t c any handsome male foreigner!      
Report Perfumecity 2015-11-6 13:30

Yes, dishes sometimes luk more delicious than they really r. Considering the lesson from CD having been hacked last month, to archive sth u like perhaps is smart.    

Hm...u must b an outstanding translator, I can't wait to learn from u.    
Report parcher 2015-11-4 16:42
Did you go to Nova restaurant? what did you eat?
Report Perfumecity 2015-11-2 09:39

《Perfume City》不是《一剪梅》,是童安格的《香水城》。    

西方音乐里喜欢古典音乐,不过略知一二罢了,不敢妄谈。你说的Bandri我还真没听过他们的作品,不知道是不是与Secret Garden的类似,改天可以听听。Richard Clayderman是表演艺术家,他的钢琴曲我喜欢。心烦不安的时候,我耳中只能进钢琴曲,萨克斯最听不得。    
Report StevenFu 2015-11-1 09:53
我也觉得上世纪之前的中国传统音乐有种特别的味道,不过受到了西方的文化影响还是有的,大概是从周旋的那个时候。费玉清的金嗓子唱起“一剪梅”简直要融化你的耳朵!不过翻译成“perfume city”还真是很难理解。“渔舟唱晚”是央视天气预报的主题曲,陪伴了我将近20年,再熟悉不过。西方的音乐我倒是对"Bandri"和“Richard C layderman"情有独钟。不过“Billboard”也是不错的!
Report Perfumecity 2015-9-23 15:52
No, all disappeared.       

Can u get them back or not?     
Report StellaSong 2015-9-23 14:36
hi dear, I want to kow whether the photos in your posts still exist?
Report Perfumecity 2014-2-14 18:06
Anyway, we have nothing to do with the terrible weather in the U.K except prayer. I don’t think polar vortex is stupid but we shall ask ourselves why it has been sticking around so long. It is because of the human impact on the environment. Maybe we should say that it serves us right!   

I like JD Wood’s In My Dreams which I found by chance online and then even forgot by whom it was written or sung. I don’t care where the singer comes from provided that he (she) can sing or write well. There’re various songs and music in my computer, some of which are Chinese, some French and some Russia. I always focus on the singer’s voice, melody and lyric of a song. I never download songs or music in format of MV on video websites such as Youku etc, where I only watch movies or TV plays. Alice, if u like, tell me yr Skype ID or emailbox privately, I will send u the Perfume City I downloaded several years ago when there was no any high quality on restriction of downloading songs. A Spray of Plum Blossoms is my favorite song.   

U can hardly know about my taste of Western music choices by these mere songs. I usually listen to classic music and piano solo in SKY.FM Radio online when I am at home. Sometimes I also search good English songs introduced by BBC Radio 2 online or other websites. I like to change now and then.   

Finally, I disagree on yr point that China is being corrupted by Western culture. It is a new era for communication and integration and we learn from each other in the world. Can u bet how much u know about Chinese culture and music? How many Chinese books relating to the new era have u read except the old books about philosophy? A few, I’m afraid, which are but a drop in the ocean compared with those which haven’t been translated into other languages. When it comes to traditional type of Chinese music, do u mean some played by Guqin or Guzheng such as Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water (gāo shān liú shuǐ) and A Fishing Boat Song At Dusk (yú zhōu chàng wǎn)? Classical instruments have been regarded as independent disciplines to study as part of major Chinese cultural treasures, which are so inimitable and will never be corrupted. After a long history for more than 5000 years, the best of Chinese culture have been inherited forevermore, how come they will be replaced in future? Impossible!   
Report Perfumecity 2014-2-12 11:53
All of them are songs, Alice.   

What's Perfume Computer City? Perfume City (xiāng shŭi chéng) is a Chinese song, and so is A Spray of Plum Blossoms (yī jiăn méi).  

Nope, it's not Adele's but Andy Burrows' Hometown. In My Dreams, I think, is JD Wood's: "...And the mountains are high and the rivers too deep, but in my dreams you are here with me..." Summer Train, "Come with me for a little ride, see the shadows passing by..." You Are The One was written and sung by a Danish Band C21.  

Wonder why the U.K has been suffering from such a miserable weather.   
Report Perfumecity 2014-2-5 10:07

Aye, I have many.  

Which one do u prefer?   

In My Dreams? Hometown? Summer Train? You Are The One? A Spray of Plum Blossoms? Or...Perfume City?  
Report 王重庆 2013-4-17 20:47
Perfumecity: Floating.....

Nice songs.

Happy each day!

Thank you!!!
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