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Share The Five Principles for how to study mandarin in shanghai
2013-8-7 10:58
Vocabulary Instruction in LSCM (learning system Of Chinese Mandarin) I. Introduction For years, the popular methodology to learn Chinese in shanghai was to focus on grammar and sentences first and then on vocabulary. Recently, however, there has been a shift toward recognition that learning vocabulary first leads to more success. Having a base of vocabulary to draw from makes learning grammar and sentence structure easier. The LSCM program from Transparent Language was based on this concept ...
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Share Study Chinese in shanghai 伤心欲绝(shāng xīn yù jué)
2013-8-6 19:05
You must want to know why i will teach you this Chinese idiom and i want to tell you i feel so upset and sad. I fall in love with a guy,but he just know i am his friend and don't know i like him. Now i heard a message he fell in love with another one. So i want to say i feel so sad this monment.In Chinese is 伤心欲绝(shāng xīn yù jué). Chinese idiom-伤心欲绝(shāng xīn yù jué) Actually you will find many words to explain my feelings. such sa the smile were a mask to hid my sadness,I ...
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Share New Chinese word-"宅男 zhái nán" & "宅女 zhái nǚ" ... ...
2013-6-5 17:05
New Chinese word-"宅男 zhái nán" & "宅女 zhái nǚ" ... ...
Hot Chinese article: Do you have any friends who like staying at home? We usually use the Chinese word "宅zhái" to describe this kind of people, and "宅男zhái nán" refers to males who always stay indoor, doing something at home; while that kind of females is called "宅女zhái nǚ"in Mandarin. Nowadays more and more single people are becoming "宅男" or "宅女zhái nǚ". They seldom communicate with the outside world since they live in their own world. On weekends, they stay at home, sleepi ...
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Share How to celebrate the Children's Day in shanghai
2013-5-26 17:09
This year Children's Day is on Sunday 3 March 2013. Join in the fun and do something special for the small people in your life on this national day. Celebrate Children's Day step by step Children's Day Gifts  Ask your kids what do they want to? If you are dady, you can send your boy a bike or what he want to. But remember choose the gifts whit safe. You can can list the gift and listen your kids are talking to you. But be attention about these little men, they will ask some improp ...
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Share Learn Chinese words about the Dragon Boat Festival
2013-5-20 15:56
Learn Chinese words about the Dragon Boat Festival
1.Learn Chinese words of the Dragon Boat Festival : duān wǔ jié 端 午 节 the Dragon Boat Festival chī zònɡ zi 吃 粽 子 eattraditional Chinese rice-puddings bāo zònɡ zi 包 粽 子 make traditional Chinese rice-puddings sài lónɡzhōu ...
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Share How to Learn Chinese Symbols
2013-5-13 14:42
How to Learn Chinese Symbols
About 50,000 Chinese characters commonly used, known as Mandarin, China's official website language.These Chinese characters are usually composed by two or more characters, a combination of Chinese text represents a different meaning, and their individual meaning may be different, depending on the context pronunciation may produce different. Therefore, in learning how to write Chinese characters, is no easy task, but as long as diligent learning, and will be able to learn Chinese. Instruction ...
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Share Learn mandarin by read The Croods subtitles
2013-5-9 15:22
Learn mandarin by read The Croods subtitles
Students want to study Chinese who love movies. It is a good method which read actors’ lines. Last night I watched The Croods movie with my friend. I love those dialogues from The Croods: Guy: This is called a brain. I think that's where ideas go. Thunk: Dad, I don't have a brain. Guy : zh è sh ì d à n ǎ o w ǒ xi ǎ n ɡ h ǎ o zh ǔ y ì d ō u l á iz ì zh è l ǐ   ...
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Share How to study Chinese food names: 奶黄包(ǎi huánɡ bāo)
2013-5-6 17:01
How to study Chinese food names: 奶黄包(ǎi huánɡ bāo)
Do you like to eat Baozi? Are they taste good or bad?Would you like to speak their names? If you say yes and you should study Chinese followings. When you taste nai huang bao, you will feel a little sweet differ from candy. What is that? You will ask yourself or your friend. You would like to speak nai huang bao then you will want to write the right Chinese words about nai huang bao. Baozi,In English is steamed stuffed bun. Nai huang bao ,English name is Ste ...
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I am work in Shanghai for 2 yeas and i like this city. I have one camera and love to take photos. i like reading,too. in fact i love to eat Chinese food and my friend called Chi Huo.

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