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How to celebrate the Children's Day in shanghai

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Children's Day -儿童节快乐

This year Children's Day is on Sunday 3 March 2013. Join in the fun and do something special for the small people in your life on this national day.
Celebrate Children's Day step by step
  1. Children's Day Gifts Ask your kids what do they want to? If you are dady, you can send your boy a bike or what he want to. But remember choose the gifts whit safe. You can can list the gift and listen your kids are talking to you. But be attention about these little men, they will ask some improper gifts you need make a right decision.
  2. Children's Day Plans If you have no plan about Childrens' Day, you can go the musum or some kids park,for example,Angry Birds Park in shanghai.From October 31, 2012,the first "Angry Birds Park" was opening in Tongji University. The park include "Angry Birds" models,cool balls,climbing cubics and it is free to pulic. You can take your kids go there. If you kids want to see sea animals you guys can go ocean park In Pudong. Where you go decide by your kids's interests.
  3. Children's Day Dreams Ask your kids' dreams in this day. Many kids will have great dreams in this day. If you have no kids you can thought of your dreams in your childhood. Now you can do something in this day ,maybe you can make your dream come ture.
  4. Children's Day Photos Take photos for your kids as much as possible. Because your kids will very happy if he receive gifts. Rocord their monments of Children's Day.
  5. Children's Day Blessing If you don't have kids,you can go Welfare Centre or any need help institution to help orphans. You will find happiness from these kids who lost their parents.If you are happy whatever your age in this day.
  6. Write Children's DayWrite your Children's Day whatever who you are,your age,just remember happiness in this day. Of course the diary can be recorded for your kids,your friends,and yourself. Share differents monments with other in your blog or facebook.
Children's Day tips

Ask your child's teacher to celebrate World Children's Day in class. Mention it at a PTA meeting as a concern that they do not know that much about children of the world. Ask them to think of ways your child can help out at school, including a clothes drive for underprivileged kids.

Childrens' Day in Shanghai

Many schools will organize celebration programs, you can go your kids' school to see their performs. But this children's Day is saturday, so many school will organize perform then in Children's Day students have not to go schools or share with their parents. But different schools different arrangements.

Childrens' Day Chinese characters
ér tónɡjié lǐwù
儿 童 节 礼 物
ér tónɡjié yóu lai
儿 童 节 由 来
ér tónɡjié biǎoyǎn
儿 童 节 表演
ér tónɡjié fànɡjià
儿 童 节 放假
wǒ yào qù kàn wǒ nǚ'ér xuéxiào de liù yì értónɡjié biǎoyǎn
我 要 去 看 我 女儿 学校 的 六 一 儿童节 表演 。
nǐ érzi xuéxiào zǔzhī le shénmeyànɡ de qìnɡzhù jiémù
你 儿子 学校 组织 了 什么样 的 庆祝 节目 ?
wǒ bàba ɡěi wǒ de értónɡjié lǐwù shì yíliànɡ hěn kù de zìxínɡchē
我 爸爸 给 我 的 儿童节 礼物 是 一辆 很 酷 的 自行车 。

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