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Share The Five Principles for how to study mandarin in shanghai
MM038 2013-8-7 10:58
Vocabulary Instruction in LSCM (learning system Of Chinese Mandarin) I. Introduction For years, the popular methodology to learn Chinese in shanghai was to focus on grammar and sentences first and then on vocabulary. Recently, however, there has been a shift toward recognition that learning vocabulary first leads to more success. Having a base of vocabulary to draw from makes learning grammar and sentence structure easier. The LSCM program from Transparent Language was based on this concept ...
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Share New Chinese word-"宅男 zhái nán" & "宅女 zhái nǚ" ... ...
MM038 2013-6-5 17:05
New Chinese word-"宅男 zhái nán" & "宅女 zhái nǚ" ... ...
Hot Chinese article: Do you have any friends who like staying at home? We usually use the Chinese word "宅zhái" to describe this kind of people, and "宅男zhái nán" refers to males who always stay indoor, doing something at home; while that kind of females is called "宅女zhái nǚ"in Mandarin. Nowadays more and more single people are becoming "宅男" or "宅女zhái nǚ". They seldom communicate with the outside world since they live in their own world. On weekends, they stay at home, sleepi ...
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