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Share My Review on A Smile is Beautiful
Lontemps 2016-4-14 10:44
My Review on A Smile is Beautiful
Recently, I have read a novel called A Smile is Beautiful/《微微一笑很倾城》, it is a love story describing how two young people end up together from playing MMOG. There are no frustrating plots - complicated conspiracies and traps designed for a legendary love, which comes once in a blue moon. After reading this novel, several adjectives came out of my mind: positive, green, simple, and visionary - yes, it is a fantasy which I believe do not exist in the reality, but this is not what I w ...
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Share Fragmental Impressions of the South and the North
Lontemps 2016-3-10 16:45
Located in the southeastern area of China by the sea called Taiwan strait, Fujian has super hot summers and wet cold winters, with little winds and much sponge-shape like clouds. While Beijing, in the arms of Hebei province, though small it is, it is the political and cultural center of China, with too much winds and hardly sheet-like clouds. People in Fujian are very diligent. for example, farmers get up extremely early at about 3-5 o'clock to do their daily selling or shopping in th ...
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Lontemps 2015-7-22 11:38
Here is the thing: When I am the head of a line waiting for a subway, usually, it is me who get on the subway first but get off it last unless I make some moves before I arrive at my destination. When I am the end of a line waiting for a subway, as a rule, I am the last one to get on the subway but the first one to get off it unless I make some moves before my destination. ...
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Share Scary Mirror
Lontemps 2014-8-31 10:46
Scary Mirror
Do you love looking in the mirror? I bet to say that most people do. For instance, ladies love to look at themselves in the mirror frequently; men can not shave their beard without a mirror; some people even take their phone screens as mirrors. Well, do you even feel so at night? Like indulging in self-admiration in front of a mirror or checking yourself in the mirror when you go to bathroom? Honestly, I won’t do it on purpose when I go to bathroom with my sleepy eyes, and on th ...
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Share Good to Be Young
Lontemps 2014-5-13 09:07
Yesterday, after the sun hided its face and mystery black dyed the sky as usual, a crowd of crazy men kept shouting at Girl’s Dorm, and were desperate to grasp the attention of one very girl who lives on the seventh floor. They were grads for sure, for I have been hearing their voices annually at almost the same season. “…loves…” they shouted with enthusiasm , happiness and a little shyness, but their voices sounded muffled, and their lines were simple ...
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Share Do you feel OK with a clothes shop stalker around you?
Lontemps 2014-5-9 11:06
Frankly speaking, I really don’t like being followed by some shop assistants during my entire clothes-shopping time. They may comment on every dress I touch, or encourage me to try on something I don’t even like. Being followed all the time is like being watched in every minute, which makes me feel really uneasy. Sometimes, I event encounter some shop stalkers who show their enthusiasms at first but turn their noses at customer if the customer has no intention of buying after leaving th ...
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Share In memory of some Traditions of Today
Lontemps 2014-5-5 20:54
In memory of some Traditions of Today
Today is the Beginning of Summer (7th solar term). Ever since I went to university, I barely have a chance to celebrate it. And that situation almost has been lasted as long as four years. My hometown is located in Mindong, i.e., eastern Fujian province. People there still remain some traditions of the Beginning of Summer, but not all of them share exactly the same traditions. People from different village probably have different traditions. Some celebrate this day by eating Chines ...
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Share University graduates of the May
Lontemps 2014-5-3 11:32
University graduates of the May
May is the end of spring and the beginning of summer, and it is also the turning points of university graduates' lives. University graduates of the May are almost no longer blow hot and cold in their lives. Unlike the days before when university graduates were thinking of being excellent teachers today but swung their minds in other directions tomorrow and when they were so certain that they would go back home with ...
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Share Memorial Day
Lontemps 2014-4-27 12:39
First dayas amemberof this forum, hoping that I canmake a bunch of new friends and meet a better self.
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