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My Review on A Smile is Beautiful

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Recently, I have read a novel called A Smile is Beautiful/《微微一笑很倾城》, it is a love story describing how two young people end up together from playing MMOG. There are no frustrating plots - complicated conspiracies and traps designed for a legendary love, which comes once in a blue moon. After reading this novel, several adjectives came out of my mind: positive, green, simple, and visionary - yes, it is a fantasy which I believe do not exist in the reality, but this is not what I want to stress here today.

OK, it is surely a simple love story, then what are the shinning points in it? I wonder...

Firstly, it is the speaking and acting style of this novel’s hero. He always uses a simple sentence to go straight to the heart of a matter, letting me want to strike the table and shout “bravo! “. There is another spark about the hero: his practical expressions of the honest and undivided love to the heroin. I believe that he is a boy almost every single young girl dreams of.

Secondly, using cyber romance to start the story. Cyber romance - the critical term of mainstream society, and the behavior girls are banned. However, in this novel, it starts well and ends up well, a happy ending at all.

Thirdly, it is not only a love story of young couple, but also a kind of MMOG advertorial I presumed. Well, this is absolutely not writer’s intention. The reason why I presumed it as “a kind of advertorial” that is because the novel says much about a MMOG called In Wonderland/梦游仙境. The adventures and interactions made by players invoke my MMOG-tendency gene, therefore, I open my APP Store and searched and searched, finally, I found a similar MMOG called A Chinese Odyssey/大话西游 - it is a pity that In Wonderland just exists in the novel. Well, they are two similar games indeed, but I prefer In Wonderland!

Fourthly, simple plots bring simple pleasure to our busy life and do not need much brains, I count it for one of the beauties of the novel.

It is said that the novel has been turned into a television series but not yet be released, I am looking forward to see how the film crews deduce this novel.

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