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Do you love looking in the mirror? I bet to say that most people do.  For instance, ladies love to look at themselves in the mirror frequently; men can not shave their beard without a mirror; some people even take their phone screens as mirrors. Well, do you even feel so at night? Like indulging in self-admiration in front of a mirror or checking yourself in the mirror when you go to bathroom? Honestly, I won’t do it on purpose when I go to bathroom with my sleepy eyes, and on the contrary, I will avoid seeing anything in the mirror intentionally. A month ago, I found a very intriguing thing: one of my friends insists on turning her mirrors’ back to her every night before she goes to sleep. Every mirror in her bedroom is movable, and she won’t forget the daily routine. One day I asked her jokingly: “What if you put up somewhere, somewhere with a fixed mirror, for a night, would you get a piece of cloth to make it covered?” She answered undoubtedly: “Of course! You totally hit the point!”

Scare seeing things in the night mirror? Perhaps that is purely psychological factors at play. I can’t deny that I had seen too many horror movies before, like the famous Bloody Mary, and sometimes, I am silly enough to imagine there might be something else in the night mirror as I look at it. My friend told me that she would be startled by seeing herself in the night mirror with no particular reasons. When being bored, as I am now, I wonder: How scary the mirror can be? How far your imagination would go when the darkness falls?

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Reply Report 阳光森林 2014-9-2 09:04
      it  is  me  !!!
Reply Report Lontemps 2014-9-3 12:38
阳光森林:        it  is  me  !!!
   You bet!

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