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I love the world [Favorite] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] Beautiful world, rich and powerful motherland, lovely hometown, here, and my feelings.

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MERCYF 2016-8-2 04:08:01
Nice to meet you dear one,
Am Mercy Frn, i saw you here and become interested in knowing you and becoming friend with you. I will want you to write me back at my email ( to enable me tell you more and many things about me because you looks cute.
Your new friend.
grace32 2013-11-8 10:02:38
i think you might be a great teacher
snowipine 2013-10-9 22:54:27
crdw123: Hello, I am very glad to receive your sincerity, likewise, is willing to make friends with you.
Friendship is an invaluable treasure,but it needs us caring with heart, it's so strong and at the same time ,so vulnerable。Communicaiton with love and respect is the most efficient measure to nurture and  culture it。
sunrainn 2013-5-31 13:22:30
Glad to know you.
王重庆 2013-5-19 15:56:37
crdw123: I am glad to know you
me, too.
crdw123 2013-5-14 19:10:50
I saw your message, I know your E-mail address,I hope you can't cheat me!
Rosana 2013-5-13 23:54:01
Hi dear
my name is Rosana a young lady with honest  and sincerity, i saw your  profile here
and decided to write you back for e mail is
( ) i will send you my pictures.and more about me.
hugs and kiss  yours
crdw123 2013-5-6 16:15:13
Thank you for your reply, this few days I have been on holiday, no Internet access.
Today just found your message, I'm sorry!
I hope we can become real friends, how are you recently
lau_guan_kim 2013-5-5 13:08:47
I am medically forbidden to visit Tibet. I met a former PLA soldier stationed in Tibet. He warned me I would have extreme headache and fighting for oxygen. My cardiologist is against my visit because of my heart condition - I am on a pacemaker and walk with an elbow crutch because of poor blood supply to my legs. O, how I love to visit Tibet. It is such a lovely region. But now it is only the Shangri-la of my dream! Singapore. ...
Aaron-Woodrow 2013-5-4 09:32:55
crdw123: Hello, can you introduce yourself, you can send me to a private email.
My email address:
Hi,nice to meet you,and I'm so sorry to get back to you for so long time.I have sent you a message by this website,because I do not often use the email.Have a good day.
crdw123 2013-4-20 23:56:43
We are all Chinese, thank you for your self-introduction.
I am a Tibetan, since 2000, as a teacher in rural primary school.
The biggest difficulty: haven't got the standard of salary, life all sorts of inconvenience, because the salary is too low, only 1500 yuan per month, a family of four, rely on this a little money.

But, I absolutely don't lose heart, I believe that soon will be my great motherland will be able to solve the problem of my life.
alicebrooke 2013-4-20 18:07:00
I managed to get to 500 metres altitude, here in northern England, once so far this year; and saw a raven there. I guess this is a small height for a Tibetan?
Chris.chen 2013-4-17 08:32:23
crdw123: Hello friends, can you teach me how to use the blog, how to upload music files?
I know how to public a blog,  but I don't know how to upload the music files, let me see ,then I will show you.
crdw123 2013-4-14 22:38:11
my private email address : (
I'm sorry, didn't find your message for a long time.
You have something, please sent E-mail
crdw123 2013-4-14 22:29:14
I'm sorry to say that in a few days ago you give me the message, I didn't see today.
I also Chinese, in China, I am very glad to meet you!
I am really want to learn English, but are self-study before, no good progress, you can when my English teacher?
vision425 2013-4-4 11:22:29
crdw123: Hello, is which country people?Can we become friends?
hi I am a Chinese.which country do you come from? I am glad to be friends with you
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