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Share come back
2013-12-10 15:08
without any notice the autumn has gone,and the winter coming. it's means a year will be past and i will be older. until now i don'tcarryawayanything or keep anything .however the time bring me the deepwrinkle on my face. i try my best to remind my past. but when i do that ,i feel very tired .just like a huge stone on my back. it's make me can't breath. now to think my future to remind of my aim,dose it too late? i don't know.but ac ...
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Share Typhoo
2013-10-7 16:46
live on the sea side. we are not strange about typhoo. in our life we could avoid a lots of the human make accident but about the natural accident we can't control. how can we do. last day i go back home for rest,and happen to meet the harvest festival.lots of agriculture crops are i very worried about this time typhoo.i afraid of it will be ......
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Share how to change some bad habbit?
2013-8-20 14:16
how to change some bad habbit?
when we see the world we will through our mind. that is means what kinds of world you see means you own mind world. ever i often not very easy to believe others that let melose a lots of chance. sometimes i don't wheather it'sworthy to trust or not. before from my freind introduce i know a guy. maybe in others view he is a good guy. but about me view.i think he is a liar. to be honestly,i often not say the truthfor my freind. i don't know why i do this ...
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Share the first of all to gain the negotiations qualification
2013-6-25 15:36
the first of all to gain the negotiations qualification
there are a wolf swallow a big meat.and lock in his throat .and run anywhere to find the doctor for help. at last he find the egret.and then they talk about the fee. then the egret help the wolf take out the big meat. but the wolf don't pay it.he reason it's " hi freinds ,you could out from the wolf mouthwithout accident,didn't you met. how to speak the reward. from this story ,some people wil think the wolf are a bad president. he don't obey the credit.other will ...
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Share don't have to conceal ignorance
2013-6-25 15:09
one day ,there are a fox go through a grape garden.and see a lots of grapes. and she really want to eat.but not enough high to get that time the fox comfort herself. the grape are not ripe.not delicious. we could often meet this kind of people also we wouldhappen this kind of mistake. when we can't do something we often looking the excuse to comfort ourselves.often looking for the excuse to conceal our incompetent. because of excuse ,we often we ar ...
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Share life as like a cup of tea
2013-6-24 14:36
life as like a cup of tea
from past to now . lots of people are make a lots life analogy. such as: life as like a dream life as like a play life as like a ship ....................... .............................. in my opinion life as like a cup of tea. why?and what kind of tea? for example:my life maybe until now i have't the experence to summerise my own life. but i feel until now i feel my life are like a cup of tea. because of i has taste the life insipid andbitter ...
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Share a cup of tea
2013-6-24 14:18
a cup of tea
when we are thirsty ,we needed a cup of tea.when i feel very tired i will have a cup of tea.i will listening the music and forget the job pressure.and enjoy the good time.when i feel very lonly i will have a cup tea whit my freinds or read a book.when i sit down to have a cup of tea. i will feel very relax and clam down. compare with the beverage i more like tea.because of i more like the natural taste. there are six type tea: Green tea :when i want to sleep ,i will make up of g ...
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Share some times we needed to abreact.
2013-5-25 13:20
we could lost in the life road. we will lost some thing which we will regret about why we haven't to keep it. such as , why i don't treasure the chance to hard study . why i give up the chance for get the better job. why we choose the wrong freinds. why i don't treasure the time to play with my lovly freinds. Smile and silence are two powerful tools. Smile is the way to solve many problems and silence is the way to avoid many problems. 微笑和沉默是两把利器:微笑解 ...
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Share ..............
2013-5-18 12:49
we do have the emotion. but the real world haven't so manysad or thrill things could happen in the usual life. we oftentouched by the film,as the the film come ture the things, which can't happen in the real world. admire the ture love, the no result contribution endness. like listening the music as the song often express our heartworlds that we can't said out. which make when we were listening the music we just fall in our own world. and think ab ...
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  • come back 2013-12-10 20:46

    home from the journey,build a tiny warm nest, and, with a pot of tea, a plate of zhengzhou panda candy, under the tender moonlight ...

  • remind of myself don't get lost in the life road 2013-4-28 15:01

    Maggywu: Many people suffered tough time at the beginning. Don't lose heart whenever how difficult the life is.Good luck doesn't belong to one people,it belong ...
    thanks for your encourage!

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