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D9luv's space [Favorite] [Copy] [Share] [RSS] “ Let us love, not just in word or speech, but in truth and action.”

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  • What's on my mind is that I just want to see a free world where every one will have equal opportunity and respect for one other. No Segregation No Hate. Reply
Peace, Harmony and Love 2013-06-18
Hello to all you Bloggers, How are you all doing ? Reviewers. It's been a long time now ,I have been away from here into a new world.
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The baby blueprint. Would you choose your child's genetic potential? 2013-04-24
Would you choose your child's genetic potential?    If you had the option, would you use genetic engineering to choose certain traits for ...
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My heartfelt Condolences to Sichuan Earthquake struck victims. 2013-04-22
I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to Sichuan Earthquake struck victims, with a tremendous number of irreplaceable lives lost and u ...
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Today's Quotations 2013-04-22
* Words lie but your heart knows the truth..always * You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it. “Long before morning I kne ...
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7 habits of environmentally conscious people 2013-04-22
TODAY, April 22, is Earth Day, which is celebrated globally with activities to remind us to do our part for the environment. But do we still continu ...
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China's repositioning itself continuously for the new Africa that's emerging. 2013-04-20
China has stepped up its engagement with Africa in recent years, scouring the resource-rich continent in its bid to access natural resources and forge ...
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shisidai 2014-2-5 06:23:22
   happy new year!
hellobill 2014-2-3 19:00:52
we should have mutual respect and help with each other.I agree.
godbird 2013-9-30 09:57:24
i am thankful for your points of view. as you say china reallys has a long friendship with africa in the past due to we have similar circumstance on the economic develpment and advancemnet of the social. presently, we are not included in the scale of developed countries. so we are supposed to  keep in the same struggle line for a  further development. we should have mutual respect and help with each other. only this we can contest with some developed countries auch as the usa ... ...
为i停留 2013-4-9 18:36:05
What if we dont have a child. I guess you would say there is no big difference cause family is family, all the same. I have been fighting hard to get my job settled down and, now struggling hopelessly on saving my family. What you wrote on your article does make sense, but still I need to reconsider before quiting my job, that is one of the last thing on earth I would like to do for now, because I love it so much, not only for money`s sake. Do you wanna talk to me? My QQ no. is 418105886. :)
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