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Stick ·Share 2013-03-30
liuyumao 2013-3-30 18:58
墓前站,泪水涟,父母恩情永不变.告爹娘,心要安,子孙后代都向前.有米粮,有衣穿,生活幸福都很甜.为爹倒杯酒,给娘捶捶肩,二老天堂有笑脸.慰父母,勿挂念,儿孙后代都有钱.茶虽粗,饭虽淡,亲情永在爱无边. Stand the front of tombstone,tears as stream let,never forget loving-kindness of the older.talking with parents,do not worry about your child,they are all working and studying hard for future.they have wheat and have clothes for dressing,they are living sweet.pouring wine into glasses for father,beating shoulder ...
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Share Sing for yourself
liuyumao 2015-12-18 09:42
Sing for yourself My friend was a boss , he was as star when he invited us to dinner. A boy drove and took the clothes for him when he attend meet. We didn’t call his name while he was accompanied retinue, then he didn’t know what is his name. he was named” general manager” to substitute for his name. but he was failure because he managed bad, he was ill for long time, he began to take wheelchair. There were only one person to accompany for him who was his classmate ...
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Share Take care of yourself
liuyumao 2015-12-16 09:33
Take care of yourself My friend told me a story about his mother. His mother is 82 years old, she lives with nurse near to his home. My friend has a daughter , she is 25 years old. She is working very hard. She go back home so late until 8 o’clock afternoon. Usually, my friend and his wife eat dinner together. They don’t wait their daughter. Every night at 7.30, his mother calls to him:”does your daughter come back?”. My friend asks:” do you have any things? she w ...
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Share It isn’t your business
liuyumao 2015-12-15 10:03
It isn’t your business One day, I took a walk on the road. I saw a woman to rind a orange, but she threw away orange peel on the road. I called her and told:”you would pick up the orange peel which you had throw away.” The woman looked at me and said:” it isn’t your business.” After it ,she want to leave, but I kept off front her and said:” of you could not pick it up, you could not leave.” a crowd jeer together was broken from side. The woman pick it up with ho ...
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Share do yo knows yourself(3)
liuyumao 2015-12-11 09:53
Do you knows yourself (3) My friend told me a story that there were a “old dandy” in his department, he knew many things about the way of the world , he was not beautiful. One day he went out from the mess hall when a man called him. He didn’t oay attention to front , he bumped with woman who was though most beautiful in his department. The “old dandy” was so embarrassment , he said sorry to her and want to leaf. The woman laughed and said to him:” you will retire ...
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Share do you knows yourself(2)
liuyumao 2015-12-10 15:43
Do you knows yourself (2) One day, i went to repair my shoes in the street. The repairman is young boy. He was listening the song which named “legend” when he waited .the son is very famous, he was intoxicated with it. He told to wait for moment because two young girls came to here and want to repair their shoes. The two girls looked at the young boy, they spoke with English:”he want to make “legend”, but who could pay attention to repairman ”, they laughed loudly ...
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Share do you knows yourself
liuyumao 2015-12-8 10:12
Do you knows youself: One day , I toke bus and saw a girls who was surrounded by three boys , they said to girl:”we want to make friend with you !”. the girl didn’t say any words to them and avoid them . but the three boys was grinning cheekily and saying to her:” if you make friend with us , you could have more chance to develop” . I was angry and said to three boys:” she couldn’t want to make friend with you , you could leave her way” .the three boys looked at ...
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Share Destiny(3)
liuyumao 2015-9-10 15:57
Destiny(3) Tan jun ’ s daughter cried when she was in the airport. She cired and said to Cui Fen: ” mother, you would take care to yourself, I will see you after I arrange for well in America . ” the tear flew from her eyes, it was second to let her so grieve, one was that her father and mother divorced, it was letting her to forget the time of prereproductive which would be fly from her heart. She embraced Cui Fen ,the tears flew as raining. 发 ...
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Share destiny
liuyumao 2015-8-13 16:03
destiny Tan Jun divorced when he was fifty 。 he gives up his all property and letting his former wife.he smiled and said to his former wife:"we have passed half we will open our new life,I hope you takes care of yourself." His former wife Cui fen also smiled and answered him:"don't worry about me,I have my business . destiny ( 2) It seems that Tan Jin was real man who divorced without getting any money, so he coul ...
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liuyumao 2015-7-6 10:11
5-7 I have married Hu Tian Xiu that I have become the real a son of the soil. All my classmates passed one night in the village as we was in sixteen years old .we stood on the hill and looked over the village. The moon was so clever, the winds was rinsing our heart. I handed zhang hai’s hand and said :”I know that you likes EE Ya when we was in the middle school, I also know that you want to compete with me, but you and I all fall. Now, I have knew that Er Ya has her ...
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liuyumao 2015-7-3 15:33
The party was tension, my classmates were afraid, they watched me tension. I didn’t know how to do it. my cerebra was blank space. My real friend zhang hai sent me to prison. I was silent. The air was full of fire. Er Ya hold her glasses and said:”I explain to you. Zhang hai told me thath she want to die after Liu Tao was sent to prison. He also told me that he like me and want to make friend with me, but he had changed his idea after liu tao was in prison. He felt t ...
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