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Stick ·Share 2013-03-30
liuyumao 2013-3-30 18:58
墓前站,泪水涟,父母恩情永不变.告爹娘,心要安,子孙后代都向前.有米粮,有衣穿,生活幸福都很甜.为爹倒杯酒,给娘捶捶肩,二老天堂有笑脸.慰父母,勿挂念,儿孙后代都有钱.茶虽粗,饭虽淡,亲情永在爱无边. Stand the front of tombstone,tears as stream let,never forget loving-kindness of the older.talking with parents,do not worry about your child,they are all working and studying hard for future.they have wheat and have clothes for dressing,they are living sweet.pouring wine into glasses for father,beating shoulder ...
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Share our youth (serial 62)
liuyumao 2020-6-24 15:57
Yang Mei thought some days for these questions . she told to Zhang Wei:” we must keep the students ‘s enthusiasm because they are teenage. They will be products sone question of mind if we cut their relation, but we could not stop them simple because they will be face the sex after they leave here, so we must face it right. I think to let zhou Hong and Yang Qing to sit together ,do you agree?”
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Share our youth(serial 62)
liuyumao 2020-6-22 15:26
The students resumed their naturel. They cried and played the basketball after class , but they knew that they would be listen well on the class. They were all teenage who wanted to looked at each other between boys and girls, the heart of their were raising the grain of loving.
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Share our youth (serial 61)
liuyumao 2020-6-21 16:37
The students began to laugh after one month, they found that Yang Mei are their teacher , but also seemed their sister. She always stood on the ground first and waited them not in winter or summer, she also told them:” Don’t fear to fall, but you had success if you stand up by yourself. ! The important is that the studying is changing your mode of thinking , so you could get to progress!”
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Share our youth (serial 60)
liuyumao 2020-6-20 16:06
She helped them to made the plans and asked them to get up at six o’clock on the morning and to sleep at ten o’clock in the night. She smiled and told them again:” you might be success for your ideal if you will be strong your corps because the life is first ! the second question that is how to study ?what method are you using? I will tell you that the studying is only ‘point and line’ ‘s relation.! you will create miracle with our school.! Hope you believe in yourself!” ...
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Share our youth (serial 59)
liuyumao 2020-6-19 15:57
In autumn, they received 20 students who are defeated their examination of going to university. The students seemed so sad. Yang Mei smiled and said to them :”Forget yesterday’ s things, doing from today. The village where I had lived for three years ,but I had returned to here after I graduated from the university , I will accompany with you to study in here, next years ,you will arrive your destination.”
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Share our youth(serial 58)
liuyumao 2020-6-16 11:31
Qing Zheng smiled and thought for moment that the chance is coming. She said to the father of Yang Mei:” I want to let you becoming our chairman of directors, because you were the leader before you retried!” The father of Yang Mei didn’t say any word.
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Share our youth (serial 57)
liuyumao 2020-6-12 15:00
Chang Shang built a shed and called the whole the villages to eat the wedding feast, he cried to them:” Today is wedding day, Yang Mei that we all know her who is the daughter of our village. She returned to our village after graduated from the university, she will teach our viallage’s child in our village , her husband is Zhang Wei, through our villages committee decided that we had built the hose for them, they became the member of our villages, so today we must drink well!”
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Share our youth (serial56)
liuyumao 2020-6-11 15:03
Chapter twelve Qing Zheng told to Liu Tao :” you will do all the things for Yang Mei ‘s marriage in the countryside, let Chang Shang to call all the people in the village, because we must let the father of Yang Mei to know that the people of village are liking Yang Mei and Zhang Wei who want them to live with them, so they could develop the economic and culture .i will let the father of Yang Mei to know that the people of villages needs Yang Mei and Zhang Wei..” ...
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Share our youth(serial 55)
liuyumao 2020-6-8 15:31
Qing Zheng and Liu Tao went to the home of Yang Mei ‘s father. She smiled and called her father:” we let our to know grandfather!” The father of Yang Mei was so happy and said to them:” the time passed so fast, you are becoming the father and mother, what did I be older!” Yang Mei laughed and said to him:” Uncle Yang, you had retried for two years, you will be happy as my father. I come to tell you that I will let our parents go to countryside where the Liu Tao had wor ...
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Share our youth (serial 54)
liuyumao 2020-6-7 20:03
Yang Mei looked at her and answered:” you already had the son, I want to marriage at once, but the thing is so simple, my father is obstinate, he will be die if I marriage because we didn’t get his agreeing.” She seemed so tried for the things. Qing Zhen knew her suffer, but she told her:” Yang Mei , I will talk with you father using my experience, I feel that your father could give me the face.!” Liu Tao added and said:” I will go with Qing Zhen, I will told your father that we had the ...
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