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do you knows yourself

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Do you knows youself:

One day , I toke bus and saw a girls who was surrounded by three boys , they said to girl:”we want to make friend with you !”. the girl didn’t say any words to them and avoid them . but the three boys was grinning cheekily and saying to her:” if you make friend with us , you could have more chance to develop” . I was angry and said to three boys:” she couldn’t want to make friend with you , you could leave her way” .the three boys looked at me and said with fierce:” wait you” . I smiled and said to them:” yes , I will do “. The three boys was following me while I got off the bus. They told me:”or I give money to them or I must say sorry to them” . the girl stood by me and looked at them . I told three boy :”I can’t do it to them “. The three boys wanted to beat me.

The girl stood front me and said:”uncle, let me to try “. The girl dragged the one of them, she pulled and put off him for one minute , he was down on the land . the three boys was surprised by her action, they run away. I asked the girl:”what ‘Gong fu’ did you do?”. She smiled and told me;”Tai Ji Quan”. I told the girl:” you are very force”. The girl said to me:”the boys didn’t knows themselves.” She went to away after she said it.

“do you knows yourself”, I thought the words for long time.

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