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Stick ·Share 2013-03-30
2013-3-30 18:58
墓前站,泪水涟,父母恩情永不变.告爹娘,心要安,子孙后代都向前.有米粮,有衣穿,生活幸福都很甜.为爹倒杯酒,给娘捶捶肩,二老天堂有笑脸.慰父母,勿挂念,儿孙后代都有钱.茶虽粗,饭虽淡,亲情永在爱无边. Stand the front of tombstone,tears as stream let,never forget loving-kindness of the older.talking with parents,do not worry about your child,they are all working and studying hard for future.they have wheat and have clothes for dressing,they are living sweet.pouring wine into glasses for father,beating shoulder ...
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Share 2013-03-12
2013-3-12 14:22
海棠花奚海棠开 , 银装素裹暗香来 . 俊男美女花前站 , 宛如天仙配郎才 . 注 : 元大都遗址公园有一片海棠树 , 取名海棠花溪 . The Chinese flowering crabapple is opening in the brook of the flowering crabapple, There is some faint fragrance coming from silvery white. Handsome men and beautiful women stood front the flowers, As darling men and goddess are speaking the love story. ...
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  • 心情:feeling tone 2013-6-13 14:29

    voice_cd: have no mistake in your blog now. Congratulations!
    Maybe ther are some mistake,i can not check up after i finsied it,sorry!

  • 心情:feeling tone 2013-5-26 08:14

    Thank the editor,because I study the French,so I have many the mistake,the English as second langue,it is difficult for me,but I must harde and reduce the mistake in my blog,hope you help me.

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