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Brexit,Trump and a big mess!

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I have just read about President Trump's choices for his ministry. It is frightening. I have just read about Britain's Chancellor of the exchequer due to announce a ten billion pound black hole in the budget as a direct result of Brexit. There is speculation now of massive cuts in social spending, and tax increases despite assurances that the government would cut taxes!. Already I know personally about essential services being cut. I hear of Trump's plan to withdraw from climate change agreements. Already there are reports of violence against "immigrants" and foreign workers who have lived in these countries and contributed to their wealth. 
I think voters in the UK are beginning to understand the consequences and those in America will soon follow. Countries and international business rely on confidence, trust and stability. It seems that these are being lost.... and difficult to regain.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2016-11-18 19:32
But all of the people still running the UK and USA are all neoliberals. The people running the UK want it to seem as though the Brexit is to blame for all of your problems. USA doesnt really have the luxury because if they %$%$ up too much it could risk their status and the status of the reserve currency.

UK already had a budget problem before Brexit and the UK leaders have either scrapped or delayed planned spending cuts. UK already had weak growth before Brexit and there is really no proof that Brexit is to blame for the slow down in investment in the UK.

Pretty much every western nation is bankrupt and the reason is that this is how you neoliberals want it so you can cut vital front line services to the people that need them the most - and then it is far more likely that these people daughters will end up becoming sugarbabies for you neoliberals. Look how many sugarbabies you neoliberals have produced since the GFC. The amount of sugarbabies in the world is at record levels in modern times and this is just how you neoliberals want it. It totally sucked for you neoliberals back in the 90s didnt it because the public all had security and all of our governments worked well and this meant that there were not many young ladies turning to sugarbaby work at all. But now look at them all. And it is because of Brexit is it? Dont be ridiculous.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-11-18 19:37
The Australian Government is bankrupt. No Brexit here. Why are all those European governments bankrupt? And look at the National Debt of the USA before Trump takes office.

You think the UK would be in surplus if there had been no Brexit do you? I bet you actually dont do you. Australian Governments have been promising us for years that they would return to a surplus. Still hasnt happened. But guess what - the IMF said that we should spend more and forget about budget repair. More interest for them I guess hey.
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-11-19 16:09
we have highlighted your blog. thanks for sharing here.
Reply Report Ted180 2016-11-20 04:37
1. Governments able to print their own currency never go bankrupt. They merely inflate. There is, of course, concern among all wise people about Brexit and Trump. But the world is not ending.
Reply Report DMZappa 2016-11-20 23:55
More like a big clean up.
Reply Report teamkrejados 2016-11-22 12:22
I am a bit less optimistic than you are about Americans, as a whole, coming to their senses: there are too many reports of gleeful malice and hate, even in schools. Those sentiments arise from systemic indoctrination of belief systems; those people - some mere children! didn't wake up the day after the election and decide to hate anyone who doesn't look or pray like them.
OK, maybe a lot less optimistic.
Thanks for this thought-provoking article.
Reply Report Breezer-1 2016-11-22 22:10
a mess...
Reply Report Gayle 2017-2-10 03:38
As an American, I agree with what is expressed here.  But the policies of the Trump administration are so extreme that a large portion of the American public is waking up and becoming actively opposed.  In a way, Trump has made the problems naked and obvious.  People of the USA were asleep before.  

But it is true that the country is divided between Trump supporters and Trump opponents.  Many Trump supporters voted for Trump because they thought he would improve the bad economic situation, especially in the central states of the country.  Others voted for Trump because he appealed to racist feelings, especially toward Mexicans.  The racists probably will continue to support Trump, while those who thought he would improve their economic situation will become disillusioned.  In the meantime, remember that already more than half of the American population is against Trump -- you could even say horrified by him.

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