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Some time ago I wrote about my worries concerning so called "reality" television in the west. I will not repeat my comments but you can find them yourselves; "Western Reality programmes hit a new low."
I advocate freedom of speech that is open and honest, to include all the wide spectrum of the media. However I also am aware of the effects of media on an audience. I have little time for those who abuse the right of free speech with offensive, abusive or irrational comments.
Once again I am in the UK for a short break and am even more astounded at the depths to which UK television has reached. In the "reality" programmes that are supposed to reflect real life (but clearly do not) we are able to witness even more graphic examples of swearing and sex, nudity and ignorance. These programmes are very popular as they appeal to the lowest common denominator and the basest instincts of humans. A viewer can ridicule the participants, and revel in their antics in and out of bed.
The outcome of all this is a numbing of the senses and a view of "reality" that is severely and dangerously distorted. The programmes are aimed at the most vulnerable of society, and are able to be watched by children as everyone has facilities to record and playback. In order to further sensationalise these programmes and maintain public interest, the only place left is to start showing rape and violence as part of this "reality"...... maybe next year?
American film makers have been guilty of this for many years. Many popular films rely on filthy language and gratuitous violence and sex.
At some point there must be educated, moral and sensible people who monitor and fairly judge media content. If not society degenerates into chaos and depravity. If China can supervise the media to ensure the constructive development of society that is good; not banning everything but guiding.
Now, I must not miss Big Brother tonight because I want to see who ends up in bed with the blond whose big breasts we saw in the last episode. I wish I could swear like her. Well, it's all on TV so it must be true.

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Reply Report Chengking 2016-6-21 10:20
Love to hear busty blondes cuss, too.  
Reply Report voice_cd 2016-6-21 15:52
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it.
Reply Report teamkrejados 2016-6-21 19:14
Really, Ted: it's not up to media or government (or even morality) censors but up to the viewing public. if there were no demand for such 'entertainment', it would soon fizzle out and lose its place.
Reply Report BlondeAmber 2016-6-22 00:10
teamkrejados: Really, Ted: it's not up to media or government (or even morality) censors but up to the viewing public. if there were no demand for such 'entertainme ...
Sometimes banning things makes it more sought over - 'forbidden fruit'.
Just look at the demand for porn.
Reply Report Funny-boy 2016-6-22 08:48
Totally agree your viewpoint "no banning everything but guiding"
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-6-22 18:32
teamkrejados: Really, Ted: it's not up to media or government (or even morality) censors but up to the viewing public. if there were no demand for such 'entertainme ...
I do not agree. Humans have a herd mentality - especially the young - and when we have media promoting these shows non-stop to them of course they will watch. At what point did any of us demand reality tv? It was just thrust upon us and there is a reason. The people running society want the masses to be dumbed down and stupid and to watch things that are bad for them. The types of shows that Ted is talking about hep create a bigger pool of sugarbabies for the wealthy. It is a lot easier to treat females like a piece of meat when the females are encouraged to treat themselves as a piece of meat.

All of these clip shows that encourage humans to laugh at fellow humans that have just had an accident that probably resulted in a spinal injury or death exist to attack human masses unity. Look at the 'Worlds Worst' shows for example. Tosh.O, Ridiculousness. What is funny about a fellow human getting a spinal injury? Do stupid people deserve spinal injuries? If a person is stupid and hurts themselves does that make it funny? Or how about the Worst Ways to Die show that encourages the audience to laugh at people that have been killed. They always explain that the person was lazy or stupid or a hillbilly or something before showing the hilarious way that they dies so you dont have to feel bad when you laugh about it. You honestly think that there is no agenda with these shows? see capitalism works the same way doesnt it? Stupid people deserve to suffer. They are stupid and that is why they are poor right? And probably lazy too. It is actually funny. They deserve it right?

Do you think a single movie gets made in Hollywood without there being an agenda for it? It is the same with tv programming. This is propaganda and social engineering not entertainment.

It is all the promotion and advertizing that stops this stuff from fizzling out not demand. look how popular a show like Fuller House is on netflicks. Yet our capitalist paid tv critics all tell us how terrible it is and how great of a show Hannibal is... Did you notice all the effort that these powers that be put into making us like Hannibal? Promoting the idea of so-called psychopaths dehumanizes and that is the thrust of what these people are doing with media. ( no such thing as a psychopath - see the DSM ) It has nothing to do with entertainment.

Fair enough the masses would rather see Tom Thumb than some stupid paintings from an Englishman but that doesnt mean that reality tv exists because of demand.

edit - what was that original MTV reality show? Real World. Was it really so popular? Do we thank Real Life for Big Brother? Or Big Brother?
Reply Report RKSmith 2016-6-23 09:45
Agreed. Reality TV in America is a shameful thing to see. And I can't imagine what it does to the minds of young people. I guess the only way to control it is for people to simply stop watching. But even that won't stop its production. A huge problem for the West this is.
Reply Report LaFarha 2016-6-25 17:13
BlondeAmber: Sometimes banning things makes it more sought over - 'forbidden fruit'.
Just look at the demand for porn.
Not necessarily true. Smoking isn't banned, yet many people are still addicted to it, alcohol either, or the demand in fast food chains, especially in the US, where a majority of people are overweight and dangerously obese.
Many things should be banned regardless if it makes people want it more...atleast it reduces its exposure in society.

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