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Share The great cheating game
TedM 2016-3-1 08:41
Once upon a time, in a country far away called England the great game of cheating grew from the usual cheating that had always been a part of everyday life on a small scale. Before the 19 th century cheating people out of their money and property was common. Villages, towns and cities were small and people were ignorant, poor and rarely travelled into the world. Cheating them was easy. In the markets rotten vegetables could be disguised or hidden within fresh ones. Old meat was ...
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Share We cannot complain in China
TedM 2016-1-15 17:25
Over the last two weeks I have seen some things that typify Chinese attitudes to the environment and to complaints. My argument is simple. Many Chinese people are afraid to complain, and though they seem anxious to build a better environment, many do not care. Someone told me that Confucius, who seems highly revered for his wisdom, said that to always complain was bad for the health. That is possibly true because someone who is always complaining is boring and a very sad per ...
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Share Stereotypes in the airport
TedM 2016-1-9 19:03
I travel back to the UK each year and often find time spent in airports very unusual. One minute you sigh as you realise there is a two hour wait, the next minute you are rushing to the boarding gate. But whilst waiting, what do you do? I like to look at people and try to guess where they come from. First comes the check in lady so smart in her tight fitting uniform. She smiles and gazes at you as if she is a very good friend, but then you realise that she is the same with the next customer in t ...
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Share The wonder and tragedy of Chinese school productions
TedM 2016-1-9 18:00
In many ways my comments below reflect those already stated in previous blogs concerning Chinese driving and the selfish disregard of others. I have found that the Chinese are people of opposites. They are so friendly, generous, helpful and curious yet in some situations they are ignorant, rude, selfish and impatient. This is not a comment about driving again though. (This is an issue that has become pretty boring in CD over the last few years). It is about school performances. In my role as e ...
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Share A season of goodwill
TedM 2015-12-20 16:01
When in England I was always accused of being a "Scrooge"... the miserly character from the story "A Christmas Carol." Charles Dickens. This was because I hated what Christmas has become in the west; a season of goodwill and smiling faces the thrill of shopping or making gifts, the enjoyment of preparing food and decorating a tree and the home that has become a commercialised rat race to buy gifts and send cards to people you have not spoken to since last Christmas. Shops selling ridiculo ...
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Share Oh. I didn't see you there!
TedM 2015-5-6 22:14
Oh. I didn't see you there!
Over the last two years I have read many comments here about Chinese driving and inconsiderate behaviour. The same is certainly true of people in other countries, yet sometimes it seems more pronounced in China. Yesterday I suddenly realised that many of these complaints could be the result of poor spa cial awareness and a lack of recognition of what is around them. I was walking down the road being careful not to tread on the manhole covers when I was hit by the mirror of ...
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Share Spiderman, drain covers and Chinese art.
TedM 2015-4-28 10:18
Spiderman, drain covers and Chinese art.
China is a wonderfully strange country; so vast and varied. I find that the strangest thing about the Chinese is their ability to accept two opposing ideas at the same time. I compare this phenomenon with George Orwell's idea of "doublethink". On the lowest level, it is the Chinese way to say "yes", but mean mean "no", as it is not their wish to upset or anger someone. More serious is behaviour of parents towards their children, but the cause of this may lie in a lack of knowledge a ...
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