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Share Dystopia has arrived. The DPRK issue.
TedM 2017-5-6 19:57
Dystopian “1984” has arrived Many years ago George Orwell wrote “1984” as his vision of a possible future that was based upon fear and dis-information; a very small ruling party enjoying extreme wealth and power at the expense of the people. Such situations arise as a consequence of revolution or wars. For Orwell it was a Russian revolution and a world war. In countries like Russia, Cambodia and China extreme ideas about changing society and politics by extreme action ...
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Share Trump and the second coming
TedM 2016-11-10 10:30
I have an instinctive feeing deep down that some very bad times lie ahead. I hope I am just being foolish. The Middle East, ISIL, Putin, DPRK stupidity, Brexit.... and now Trump. I keep thinking of the first stanza of a poem by W.B.Yeats; "The second coming." Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of ...
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Share Marry at 16 years old. Why not!!!
TedM 2016-3-1 08:35
I read here about a couple marrying at 16 years old and the many comments about this. To most people this would seem a ridiculous age to marry. They are still children who have not yet developed their bodies, let alone their interests and personalities. They have not finished education. They have not experienced life and the world or many social relationships and situations. They are unprepared to take such a commitment. These arguments are rational and sound. Yet it is pos ...
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Share What forward planning?
TedM 2015-10-27 17:36
I read in CD that a new 5 year plan is being considered for China. At a school management meeting recently, members were asked what will be needed in 5 years time. No-one seemed willing to offer suggestions, which is typical. Chinese people have a fear of saying the wrong thing or appearing too clever! My answer was to ask what the communist party of China will want, what will businesses and industry want, what will society; parents and schools want? Making a 5 year plan is a complex ...
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Share Bohunt experiment causes total loss of face.
TedM 2015-8-13 00:40
British television at its worst.... again. As I have been in England for the last few weeks I was interested and dismayed to see another example of British television programming that sets out to distort truth, actively pursuing and exaggerating a contrived situation in order to stimulate a viewing audience. I refer to an investigation called “The Bohunt experiment”. I have read the comments made by Michael M in his blog and on the Opinion pages of China Daily, and I can con ...
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Share The Chinese woman
TedM 2015-6-9 09:56
I read an article here about a male only club that has discussed what is best for women! Should I laugh or cry at anything so primitive. So, men rule over women? I can imagine such a thing in Middle Eastern countries where women are treated as belongings, but in communist China? Doesn't Confucius say something about the equal value of women? Indeed how is it possible to understand what a woman wants, how she thinks and what she needs? In my experience women are complicated and ...
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Share Jumping on the band-wagon
TedM 2015-1-28 11:52
This is not generally a good way of behaving, though it can achieve certain aims. It means accepting and acting upon any new idea or initiative without any real understanding of it or its consequences. When does a new idea become a band-wagon? I suppose it when the media exaggerate its importance beyond reason. In the west, and probably in every country, it is used extensively by politicians who are always eager to show that they are actively involved in up to date initi ...
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Share Oh such beautiful packaging
TedM 2015-1-11 20:41
I am so happy. I bought a couple of CD collections today. Three CDs in each box… one is erhu, and the other is the zheng. Nothing wrong with the CDs. I listened to them all afternoon. And the boxes they came in are unbelievably beautiful, in simulated leather cases sheltered within a box illustrated with the most lovely views of china and the instruments. So I can’t really complain about paying for cardboard and plastic wrappings. In many countries there are laws governing t ...
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Share Ban everything; it's safer!
TedM 2015-1-7 14:43
Since this Christmas I have noticed so many things being banned or recommended to be banned in China. It appears that if something offends or some tragedy occurs, the immediate reaction is extreme….. BAN IT!. Maybe it began with the college that banned Christmas celebrations because they were not Chinese. This college now suggests banning New Year celebrations because of the tragedy in Shanghai. For a country or organisation to ban something or someone is an extreme measure. ...
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Share Social media terrorism
TedM 2014-12-20 15:23
Before the internet and social media websites, a person often knew who was being rude or abusive, threatening or just ridiculous. Such a person might talk or shout at, and about, others. Bullies could be identified and dealt with, ignored or at least frowned upon. The internet, and now mobile phones that have the same facilities, enable anti-social comments to be made anonymously. This has been a problem in the West for many years. The result is misery and upset at the least and su ...
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