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Share American music videos I like
SoCalChevy 2013-11-16 12:44
A few months ago, I shared some of my favorite American folk songs. Now, to show that I also listen to more recent music, I will post some of my favorite music videos of American songs from the 1990s and later. I will also include notes on the stories I have heard about what the songs mean. Also, are any of these bands/musicians known in China? Under the Bridge, by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Most of the band members used to use heroin. Once, the leader singer (Anthony Kiedis) had to buy them un ...
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Share Free the Cuba 21
SoCalChevy 2013-11-10 04:05
This is a true story that I wrote down as it was happening. I was visiting Cuba with my aunt on a People to People tour, which means that the focus of the trip was on learning about Cuban history and culture. It's the only way U.S. citizens can travel there legally. Free the Cuba 21 Twenty-two of us are dropped off at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuba. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 11:30. Afte ...
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Share Pumpkin Patch
SoCalChevy 2013-11-1 06:39
Here in America, it is a tradition in many families to buy Halloween pumpkins at a Pumpkin Patch. A pumpkin patch is a small, farm-themed outdoor attraction/pumpkin store. Many have petting zoos and corn mazes in addition to selling pumpkins and related produce. It's a lot more fun than shopping at a supermarket! Farm animals to look at: Old farm machinery on display: The outside of the corn maze: So many pumpkins! More produce: Other things for sale: ...
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Share Poetry
SoCalChevy 2013-10-14 12:07
I realize that most of my blogs focus on pictures. So, I thought I would post some more of my poetry to show that I do have an interest in writing. National Old Trails The people here before the highway Didn’t have cars, but on the way home They made their dirt paths into a kind of road Between where the lived, and the people They fought against or met with for trade So they could bring their families something new. Trains ...
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Share USS Iowa visit
SoCalChevy 2013-10-12 09:23
USS Iowa visit
The USS Iowa is a WWII battleship that is now a museum not far from my hometown.I was excited when I found out it was to be kept there, since I like visiting old ships. I made sure to be there when it was pulled in to the dock. This past summer, I finally got a chance to tour the museum. Here are some of the pictures: The square bathtub was for President Franklin Roosevelt, who travelled on the Iowa and could not use the ship's showers because of his disability. ...
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Share A Visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo
SoCalChevy 2013-7-15 04:45
A Visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo
About a month ago I paid a visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It is a small zoo, but still enjoyable. Here I will share some of the things I saw: Penguins A tortoise A Bald Eagle Giraffes, including two babies! Lions Golden Lion Tamarins California Condors, and many others!
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Share San Francisco Chinatown
SoCalChevy 2013-7-12 01:56
San Francisco Chinatown
Here is part two of my series on Chinatowns. These pictures are from last year.
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Share Natural Beauty of New England
SoCalChevy 2013-7-9 11:33
Natural Beauty of New England
A few weeks ago, I visited New England, a part of America that consists of the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. I had been there before, but had forgotten how beautiful parts of it are! I would like to share a few photos of nature in New England. The first picture is in the Green Mountains of Vermont: These next pictures are in Franconia Notch State Park, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire:
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Share Boston Chinatown
SoCalChevy 2013-7-3 07:34
"Chinatown" is what many Americans call neighborhoods with lots of Chinese shops and restaurants. I enjoy visiting Chinatowns in different cities. I have decided to do a series of blogs with pictures of different Chinatowns that I visit. Here are some pictures from the one in Boston, Massachusetts.
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Share 毛猫
SoCalChevy 2013-6-15 04:23
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