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Share Misconceptions about foreign food.
SoCalChevy 2014-1-16 04:13
I have heard that many Chinese people think all Western food is the same. However, we Westerners can tell the difference between Italian, French, British, and other kinds of food fairly easily. Even in different parts of America certain dishes are more common. For example, Grits are popular in the southeast, but not many other places. I have heard that New England also has it's own unique food items. Certainly, these differences are not always as significant as the differences between Chinese re ...
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Share Christmas Tree Lot
SoCalChevy 2013-12-25 15:38
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Share Traditional American Thanksgiving Meal
SoCalChevy 2013-12-7 06:12
Traditional American Thanksgiving Meal
I know this is a bit late, but I want to show pictures of the traditional American Thanksgiving meal I enjoyed last Thursday. Rolls: Cranberry Sauce: Yams, or maybe Sweet Potatoes: Mashed Potatoes: Stuffing: And Turkey, of course! My plate:
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Share Pumpkin Patch
SoCalChevy 2013-11-1 06:39
Here in America, it is a tradition in many families to buy Halloween pumpkins at a Pumpkin Patch. A pumpkin patch is a small, farm-themed outdoor attraction/pumpkin store. Many have petting zoos and corn mazes in addition to selling pumpkins and related produce. It's a lot more fun than shopping at a supermarket! Farm animals to look at: Old farm machinery on display: The outside of the corn maze: So many pumpkins! More produce: Other things for sale: ...
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