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Share 今天我吃火锅
SoCalChevy 2014-5-15 11:55
今天我吃火锅。 这是我第三次吃火锅。很好吃的!
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Share Listening to Chinese Radio
SoCalChevy 2014-5-3 04:38
Earlier this week I started using a radio website to listen to China Radio International. In Chinese. I can't understand most of it, but I try to see what I can make out. Sometimes I can understand words or phrases, such as 中国人,今天,美国, 十三小时,and others. I hope it can help me remember the 中文 I am learning. Radio may be an old technology, but it is still fun to listen to! Especially shortwave, since the broadcasts go very far.
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Share Going to a foreign country
SoCalChevy 2014-2-24 22:00
I visited China three years ago and had a very good time. I was expecting it to be very different from the United States, but I wasn't prepared for exactly what some of the differences would be. But when I first arrived, I felt kind of nervous. I couldn't help but notice how strange some things seemed! The squat toilets at the Chengdu airport, the smog, and even the way the buildings looked was unusual.I had travelled to other countries before (Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Ecua ...
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Share We should preserve digital materials for the long term
SoCalChevy 2014-2-15 12:37
Today , archeologists can learn about the past by studying objects. We have some of the bones that Shang dynasty emperors used to make predictions. There are letters that soldiers sent home from wars. Even everyday things like old train tickets have interest for someone. Historians and archeologists can learn about life in the past by looking at physical objects. Today, we use computers and the internet for many things. These do not leave a record; if the computer breaks, the information is lost ...
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Share I am an athiest
SoCalChevy 2013-11-20 13:50
I believe that no God or gods exist. There is currently no evidence to support the existence of deities, and quite a bit of evidence that none are needed to bring about a world such as our own, with diverse species and some intelligent life. I am willing to change my mind if there were scientifically provable evidence of a God or gods. This is different from agnostics, who believe that God cannot be proven or disproven. I did not have an especially religious upbringing. I went to wed ...
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Share Free the Cuba 21
SoCalChevy 2013-11-10 04:05
This is a true story that I wrote down as it was happening. I was visiting Cuba with my aunt on a People to People tour, which means that the focus of the trip was on learning about Cuban history and culture. It's the only way U.S. citizens can travel there legally. Free the Cuba 21 Twenty-two of us are dropped off at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuba. Our flight is scheduled to leave at 11:30. Afte ...
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Share Poetry
SoCalChevy 2013-10-14 12:07
I realize that most of my blogs focus on pictures. So, I thought I would post some more of my poetry to show that I do have an interest in writing. National Old Trails The people here before the highway Didn’t have cars, but on the way home They made their dirt paths into a kind of road Between where the lived, and the people They fought against or met with for trade So they could bring their families something new. Trains ...
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Share 毛猫
SoCalChevy 2013-6-15 04:23
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Share Camping at Lake Cachuma
SoCalChevy 2013-6-2 09:27
A few weeks ago I went camping with some friends and neighbors. We went to Lake Cachuma, near Santa Barbara, California. The entrance to the campground: The store at the campground: Cooking dinner: Sunset by the Lake: Our campfire: Cooking breakfast: A man from a group that saves wild animals that were illegally kept as pets came to the campground and taught people about some animals. Here he is holding a Desert Tortoise, whi ...
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Share A poem I wrote
SoCalChevy 2013-4-16 05:40
From an Online Forum Communistsec says, “Pity the Asian Woman who stays With Western men. The races are Different. They Were put quite far, Continents away” My dad, and stepmom, sister , too, don’t Agree, I’ve seen Comments they won’t. I doubt Communistsec’s strong, My sister's parents aren’t wrong.
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